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Royal Weddings is a series of books in the Disney Princess franchise that focused on specific weddings by various Disney Princesses. Although some expanded on events already shown briefly during their debut films or extension media, others such as Belle and Aurora are newly depicted. They also are sometimes released in pairs, such as Cinderella/Tiana, Rapunzel/Belle, Aurora/Ariel, etc. An anthology book called "Forever After" was also released, which included Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella, and Tiana's weddings. Because of this, specific titles were granted to each of the included stories beyond each princess' "Royal Wedding."


Cover Title Release Date
Wedding Book
Cinderella's Royal Wedding January 17, 2012
While walking in the palace gardens, Prince Charming proposed to Cinderella, and she accepted enthusiastically. The king then proceeded to show Cinderella the portrait of his late wife in her wedding gown on their wedding day, and stated that, since it was a tradition, he wants her to wear the same gown and jewelry. Cinderella quietly looks at the picture, as while she wasn't entirely sure about this, she wanted to respect the king's wishes. As the preparations were underway, however, it became apparent that Cinderella trying to adopt what the king wanted by wearing his wife's dress was not easy at all: The frilly dress made Cinderella feel clumsy, and the pearls were too heavy for her to even walk, leaving Cinderella uncertain as to what she should do. In addition, the Grand Duke, determined to show Cinderella how important it was to wear the dress, gave her a stack of books detailing the necessary knowledge on royal traditions. She tried reading everything and remembering everything, only to fall asleep. While asleep, Cinderella dreamt back to when she was a little girl. Her mother gave her a beautiful necklace as well as left her with advice that the necklace will remind her to listen to her heart whenever she had a problem, as it would lead to the answer she was looking for. She woke up and, inspired by her dream, she searched through her old trunks. She eventually found the portrait of her mother on her wedding day with the help of her mice friends and her Fairy Godmother as well as a bit of the latter's magic. Cinderella then showed the portrait to the royal dressmaker and asked if it was possible for him to make her a gown like the one in the portrait. The dressmaker, after bowing his head, stated he would be honored. She then thanked him, and also suggested an idea for the veil if it wasn't too much trouble for him. Afterwards, she visited the royal jeweler. After showing him both the necklace that had belonged to the Queen and her own mother's necklace, she then asked if he could combine the two into one. The Jeweler accepted, and stated that he'll make the finest necklace in the kingdom just for her. On the morning of the wedding, Cinderella requested to see the king. Afterwards, she then stated that she is proud to be joining his family. She then explained that the wedding dress was a copy of her mother's wedding gown, to honor her own family tradition, and also stated the veil and necklace will honor the king's family tradition as well. The king then admitted that it was a great honor as Cinderella had blended the treasures of two families, and created a new tradition as a result. He then proudly offered Cinderella her arm as they didn't want to keep the prince waiting. The king then proceeded to lead Cinderella down the isle, with the guests being delighted. They also acknowledged that before that day, they never saw the prince so happy. At the end of the ceremony, everyone proceeded to cheer as they knew that Cinderella and the Prince had found true love. The wedding banquet had Cinderella and the Prince cutting the wedding cake for everyone to enjoy, and when it came time to goo home, the guests lined up to thank the new couple for inviting them to the celebration. Cinderella proceeded to have the wedding of her dreams by following tradition and her heart.
Tiana's Royal Wedding Cover
Tiana's Royal Wedding July 24, 2012
Throughout New Orleans, the news of Prince Naveen and Tiana's marriage was buzzing. Everyone proceeded to gather to welcome his parents. Although Tiana was nervous about meeting them, the King and Queen of Maldonia were very kind to her, with the queen even giving Tiana royal helpers to plan the wedding. The royal helpers visited, and explained to Tiana what her wedding should be like, but failed to ask Tiana what she wanted. Later, Tiana requested advice from her friend, Charlotte La Bouff. Specifically, while she doesn't want to upset the King and Queen, she isn't sure she liked what the royal helpers have planned. Charlotte then told her she should do what she wants as its her wedding day. Tiana then proceeded to make Charlotte her maid of honor, her first wedding decision. Later that day, her mother proceeded to show her a sketch of the wedding dress she planned to make: specifically, her dream wedding dress. She then told Tina that it was perfect. Meanwhile, Naveen and Louis secretly planned the music for the wedding reception, as Naveen felt the royal helpers' choice of music was too boring, especially for someone like Tiana, deciding instead to have something jazzy and fun. After everyone went to bed, Tiana sneaked into the La Bouff's kitchen to work with Charlotte on the reception menu. Tiana planned on making their favorite foods to be served, starting with gumbo. Upon finishing, Charlotte then gave Tiana a beautiful blue necklace, explaining that every bride needs "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." The next day, she faced the royal helpers and, while thanking them for sharing their ideas, she managed to get everything she needed. This left the helpers surprised, as they had assumed the princess would want the wedding day planned for her. The Queen of Maldonia then walked in and wondered why the royal helpers were confused. Tiana then nervously explained what had happened, fearing the Queen might get angry. However, the Queen wasn't upset, and acknowledged she should have remembered that Tiana preferred planning her events personally. She then takes out the tiara and requested that she wear it for the wedding, as it was the one the queen herself wore for her own wedding to the king. Tiana was honored to wear it. It was then the final fitting of the Tiana's gown, and it managed to be stunning and have Eudora's love in every stitch. Although overall happy that it was perfect, she nonetheless missed her father. The night before the wedding, she stood on her balcony and gazed at the evening star, and while saddened that her father could not make it to the wedding due to his having died during World War I, she nonetheless knew her father's love would always be with her. On the day of the wedding, Charlotte's father, Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff, walked Tiana down the aisle, with her bouquet containing her father's old spoon, her wearing the dress Eudora made, the Queen's tiara, and the necklace from Lottie underneath the veil. As the ceremony ended, Tiana knew that no matter how wonderful her wedding plans were, it was ultimately love that made the wedding perfect. Tiana and Naveen left the church together, with all of New Orleans turning out for their first appearance and first dance. The guests enjoyed Princess Tiana's cooking, whether it be gumbo to beignets. Tiana and Naveen then shared the sweetness of their new life together as they took the first bite of their delicious cake.
Belle's Royal Wedding
Belle's Royal Wedding July 23, 2013
Taking place some time after the film, Belle was getting prepared for the wedding, which was days away. Belle then told Mrs. Potts that she was happy and that she had never dreamed that her life would become such a grand adventure. However, she frowned and realized that The Prince had spent most of his life unloved and lonely inside the castle and wanted to show him for their wedding how well loved he is. Mrs. Potts then agreed to the idea. Upon finishing trying out her new dress, Belle then requested that the servants, in addition to making various preparations, also be the actual guests. Mrs. Potts and the other servants worked hard to prepare for the big day (such as having Chef Bouche bake various cakes, Mrs. Potts and the dresser deciding on drapes, and another servant make an ice swan sculpture), as they wanted the couple to feel love in every detail.

Meanwhile, the Prince, feeling like the happiest man in the world, wanted to repay Belle for restoring him and his servants' human forms and make her the happiest woman, telling Lumiere as much. He then decided to try and find the perfect gift for Belle. The Prince then, after getting his best clothes, proceeded to pay a visit to the village. After searching around, he then went found a gift for Belle, and then went to a flower shop and requested for roses, as they were Belle's favorite.

Eventually, the wedding day arrived. The prince could not take his eyes off Belle upon the latter appearing on the grand staircase. The reception itself was held in the ballroom. Chip brought down the ring. During the ceremony, the Prince proceeded to, after Belle read her favorite book of exciting adventures and commenting that they don't compare to what she felt every day with him, give Belle a blank journal as his gift so they could "fill it with all the adventures [they] will have together." After the ceremony, Belle and the Prince walked into the ballroom where they then had a banquet due to the servants had created a spectacular feast. Belle then slyly told the servants to clear the area and open the door, stating that there is so much food that she's not sure if "even [our] whole household could eat all this food" and then winking at the servants. Cogsworth and the other servants smiled as the couple went outside, with the entire village being present, waiting to surprise them. The Prince then asked Belle if she invited all of them. Belle then confirmed it, as she wanted to show him how much you are loved, with the Prince exclaiming it was a magnificent gift. The Prince then repeated his thanks to the villagers for coming, being unable to stop smiling. They then shared their first dance, with the crowd shouting "Congratulations!" With the friends gathered around them, Belle and the Prince knew that the next chapter of their story would be an even greater adventure than before.

Rapunzel's Royal Wedding
Rapunzel's Royal Wedding July 23, 2013
Around the beginning of Spring, Flynn invited Rapunzel to take a special trip with him. Rapunzel attempted to ask where they were going, with Flynn telling her that that would ruin the surprise. Max and Pascal decided to come along as well. That evening, they went to the same lake that Rapunzel and Flynn had in the past seen the floating lights. Flynn intended to propose to Rapunzel. However, he left it on shore. Fortunately, Maximus noticed the same thing and had Pascal sent flying to the boat, carrying the ring. Now that he had the ring, he then proposed, with her accepting. On the way back, Rapunzel wanted to tell everyone the good news. First, she paid a visit to The Snuggly Duckling and gave the news. Everyone was delighted and offered to help the couple with the wedding. Attila helped Rapunzel with designing the cake, baking and icing until finally, she had the perfect wedding cake, which was immensely tall. The decorations had Rapunzel and Tor looking at fancy bouquets. However, what pleased Rapunzel was a field of wildflowers. Flynn and Rapunzel then asked Pascal and Max whether they'll be the ring bearers, and they agreed with a squeal and neigh, respectively. Eventually, they had to find a dress, with Rapunzel trying on gown after gown (a lavender dress with unicorn patterns on the skirt, a more Viking-based dress, and a green dress with hearts on the skirt). None of the dresses were quite to Rapunzel's tastes, so she decided to design her own. She took many times sketching until the design was exactly what she wanted. On the morning of the wedding, everyone in Corona waved to the King and Queen as they passed by in the royal coach. Upon arriving at the church, the king greeted Rapunzel. He then proudly took her arm and the ceremony began. Rapunzel walked down the aisle as Flynn beamed throughout, but something happened to the ringbearers: Specifically, Max, due to the flowers, sneezed and caused the rings to roll away. Max chased one ring, also landing himself in girls clothing in the process due to plowing through a carriage, while Pascal chased the other through all the reception decorations. Ultimately, they managed to arrive back at the ceremony just in time, finding the rings and saving the wedding on that front, although everything for the reception had been ruined in the process. Nonetheless, they didn't have to worry for long, as the friends who helped them plan their special day also helped clean up. They were soon dancing happily. Flynn and Rapunzel then took their first taste of the wedding cake, just as Tor finished adjusting the last of the flowers. Flynn and Rapunzel were thankful for their friends helping them prepare the perfect wedding twice. As they rode away, Rapunzel cried out that it was the "Best. Day. Ever!"
Ariel's Royal Wedding
Ariel's Royal Wedding July 22, 2014
Taking place some time after Triton transformed Ariel into a human permanently, Ariel and Eric are making plans for marriage, with the kingdom rejoicing. However, Ariel wasn't completely familiar with human customs on weddings. She found an invite list and wondered why it was massive, with Grimsby explaining that weddings are for families, and Eric had a massive amount of relatives to invite. In addition, while walking, several people gave her several things, baffling her as she didn't even know what she needed yet. Soon, Ariel began to grow nervous due to the books, plans, and lists being shown to her, due to the immensity of human weddings, which owing to her unique heritage, she had never actually attended in before, much less participated as a bride in. Because she had just gotten used to moving with her legs, she even needed some dancing lessons for the wedding. She also asked Carlotta if she could help with the Wedding Dress, with Carlotta agreeing, with Ariel after trying on the dress hoping her sisters could see it after trying it on upon completion from a single night. The next morning, she also visited Chef Louis and explained she can't tell the difference between a wedding cake and a sand castle, with Louis explaining that he'll make the best wedding cake in all the sea and land, with Ariel hoping her father would see it. However, she eventually became glum, as she remembered Grimsby's statement that weddings are for family, and since she wasn't originally human, that meant her family most likely cannot attend a wedding, despite wanting her family to be a part of it. She eventually went to the beach upset, with Eric after learning why she was upset explaining that he took that into account and made sure the wedding was set on the royal ship. Ariel, relieved, then proceeded to tell her family right away. Ariel then requested for her sisters to be the bridesmaids due to knowing her best, Sebastian to be the ring-bearer, and for King Triton to give her away. Ariel's sisters then proceeded to find stuff that are old or new (despite Ariel already having her dress as a new thing), with Aquata and Adella loaning her their favorite seashell hair clip and blue starfish, respectively, and Triton giving Ariel a pink pearl formerly belonging to her mother. Eventually, the wedding day arrived, with the humans sitting on deck and Triton using the trident to levitate the merpeople so they could watch. After the vows were read and the rings exchanged, Ariel and Eric kissed at Sebastian's prompting. Chef Louis also made two different cakes: a traditional wedding cake for Eric and Ariel and the other humans, and a seaweed-based cake for the merpeople. Sebastian then led the sea animal orchestra, with Ariel and Eric doing their first dance as husband and wife on the deck. At the end of the wedding day, Ariel and Eric sailed away.
Aurora's Royal Wedding (Cover)
Aurora's Royal Wedding May 26, 2015
Princess Aurora dreamed many times that her handsome prince would find her... and eventually Prince Philip did find her! Now they're getting married! Follow along with word-for-word narration as Aurora plans her wedding to the Prince and decides what kind of princess she wants to be.

Taking place sometime after the events of the movie, Prince Phillip personally proposes to Aurora, despite already having been betrothed to each other. After Aurora delightedly says yes, the entire kingdom begins preparing for the royal wedding, with Phillip making his horse Samson take a bath, while King Hubert and King Stefan tasting the food for the banquet. Queen Leah congratulates her daughter and leaves her to choose her wedding dress. However Aurora has trouble choosing from so many dresses, and is even more confused when choosing the table settings. When Phillip brings her out for a walk, Aurora confesses to him that she is unsure and doubting her ability as a princess. Phillip encourages her and brings Queen Leah to Aurora; the Queen encourages and comforts her daughter, telling her that a princess is not what you do, but most importantly what you are. Overjoyed, Aurora thanks her mother and asks if she can wear her mother's wedding dress, to which she agrees.

During the wedding, Aurora appears in her mother's wedding dress, walked down by King Stefan. She and Phillip say their vows and share a passionate kiss, before feeding each other the wedding cake and dancing happily. The story ends with Phillip and Aurora leaving for their honeymoon in a carriage, stating that the wedding ended as Aurora imagined "once upon a dream".

Jasmine's Royal Wedding (Cover)
Jasmine's Royal Wedding May 26, 2015
Jasmine and Aladdin are getting married! Jasmine decides that her wedding will be exactly like her mother's. That way she'll still be a part of her wedding. But as Jasmine starts to plan, she realizes she's missing a "treasure of treasures". Will Jasmine find it before she says "I do?"
Snow White's Royal Wedding (Cover)
Snow White's Royal Wedding May 26, 2015
Once The Prince awoke Snow White with a kiss, he asked her to be his wife. And now it's time to plan the wedding! Follow along with word-for-word narration as Snow White decides on the dress, the cake, and the carriage for her simple and sweet wedding.


  • The ending of Ariel's Royal Wedding seems to be at sunset, yet in the film, it was still daytime outside.
  • Cinderella's Royal Wedding was the first source to give an actual image of Cinderella's Mother, predating the 2015 film.
  • Jasmine's Royal Wedding seems to be a prequel to Aladdin and the King of Thieves, with Aladdin and Jasmine even wearing their wedding outfits from the film and the Palace having the same decorations. This makes it one of the few books to actually follow events from other Aladdin media and not just the first film. However Genie has no cuffs on unlike in the film, this however seems to be a tradition among the less than consistent books which have all featured Genie without cuffs like in the ending of the first film, with the last one to actually have him with cuffs being the 1997 book Aladdin: Wishful Thinking.

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