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A small white book opens. Audience reads:



Establishing shot of the kingdom with a zoom into the mirror tower.



Queen: Slave in the Magic Mirror, come from the farthest space. Through wind and darkness I summon thee. Speak!

Wind HOWLS and thunder CRASHES. The mirror inflamed.

Queen: Let me see thy face.

Fire subsides.

Magic Mirror: What wouldst thou know, my Queen?

Queen: Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Magic Mirror: Famed is thy beauty, Majesty. But hold, a lovely maid I see. Rags cannot hide her gentle grace. Alas, she is more fair than thee.

Disgusted face. She crosses her arms.

Queen: Alas for her! Reveal her name.

Magic Mirror: Lips red as the rose.Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.

The Queen grabs her neck in CHOKED shock.

Queen: Snow White!

Anger and disdain shrouds her expression.



SNOW WHITE, A young girl dressed in rags is cleaning the steps with a scrub brush and a wooden bucket complete with water humming to the tune of 12 birds. She sighs and pours the bucket onto the steps before heading towards the well. She continues humming and pulls the other bucket inside towards the top. Snow White starts singing I'm Wishing with the birds as her echo sings back.

Snow White: (Singing) ...And I'm dreaming of.

Unbeknownst to her, THE PRINCE is traveling horseback along the wall of the castle when he hears the most beautiful voice. He climbs over the wall as she vocalizes and he smile confidently. Snow White continues.

Snow White: (Singing) ...Today.

The Prince's reflection appears in the well.

The Prince: (Singing) Today!

Snow White in wrapped horror leans up and looks at the sincere man and covers her mouth.

Snow White: (Speaking) Oh!

The Prince: Hello. Did I frighten you?

She makes an audible sound of relief and bewilderment. He approaches and she hesitates and runs.

The Prince: Wait! Wait, please. Don't run away.

Snow White runs into the castle up to a nearby balcony as The Prince expresses his undying love through One Song.

The Prince: (singing) ...One love that has possessed me.

As Snow White looks on enamoured, The Queen stalks her through a high up window. Her disapproving glare quickly turns to a deep realization and she slams the curtains. Snow White kisses one of the birds.

The Prince: ...Of one love, only for you.

The bird lands on his hand, blushing and cooing shyly. It transfers the kiss to The Prince. Snow White and The Prince smile their goodbyes as she closes the curtains.



The Queen sits statuesque on her peacock throne.

Queen: Take her far into the forest. Find some secluded glade where she can pick wildflowers.

Huntsman: Yes, your Majesty.

Queen: And there, my faithful Huntsman, you will kill her!

Huntsman: But Your Majesty, the little princess!

Queen: Silence! You know the penalty if you fail.

Huntsman: Yes…your Majesty.

Queen: But to make doubly sure you do not fail.

She produces a box with a dagger running through a heart-shaped lock

Queen: Bring back her heart in this.



The Huntsman, takes Snow White to pick wildflowers. Snow White is humming One Song. A bird SINGS a melancholic tune.

Snow White: Hello there.

The bird chirps back.

Snow White: What's the matter? Where's your mama and papa? Why, I believe you're lost. Oh, please don't cry.

The Huntsman looks from side-to-side,

Snow White: C'mon, perk up. Won't you grin for me?

(the bird chirps happily, knowing it's in good hands)

Snow White: That's better. Your mama and papa can't be far.

(The bird chirps "Are you sure?")

Snow White: There they are!

(As he speaks, Huntsman inches closer and closer to Princess)

Snow White: Can you fly?

(the bird flies off)

Snow White: Farewell. Farewell!

(Snow White sees Huntsman about to strike, and shrieks in terror. Huntsman raises his dagger. Eventually, he drops it)

Huntsman: I can't! I can't do it! Forgive me. I beg of Your Highness, forgive me.

Snow White: I don't understand!

Huntsman: She's mad, and jealous of you! She'll stop at nothing!

Snow White: But, but who?

Huntsman: Queen!

Snow White: (shocked) Queen?!

Huntsman: Now run, child. Run, run away! Hide, in the woods anywhere! Never come back. Now, go. Go! Go! Run! Run! Hide! Everywhere!

(Without any further argument, Snow White runs off into the woods. Cut to the deep Black Forest. Snow White is running through the deepest part of it, which has somehow become dark and scary. She runs into a tree where an owl comes out and screeches at her before flying away. This spooks Snow White so many, she runs toward a cave, but are soon frightened away by a flock of bats. As she runs, Snow White's clothes catch onto a tree. The frightened princess gasps, because to her, it looks like a bunch of hands grabbing her, the same fact happening a second later as she falls into another nearby tree. She runs towards a tree that she imagines is the face of a frightened monster. She backs away, only to fall through a hole into a pond. A second later, the logs seem to look like alligators, which makes Snow White shriek. She runs out, only to run into a tree that seems to come to life. Running past it, she finds herself surrounded by monstrous trees and threatening eyes. Snow White spins around for several seconds before she eventually shrieks one last time and collapses to the ground, sobbing. Suddenly, the forest lights up and everything returns to normal)

(Little does she know that a bunch of forest animals are watching and feeling very sorry for the poor princess, come closer. One of the rabbits, sniffing Snow White, is about to touch her as she suddenly stops weeping and sees the rabbit)

Snow White: Oh!

(Princess' cry of surprise causes the animals to scatter in all directions and hide for shelter)

Snow White: Please don't run away! I won't hurt you.

(The animals come out of their hiding places and look at Princess confusedly, surprised at how harmless she looks)

Snow White: I'm awfully sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. But you don't know what I've been through. And all because I was afraid. I'm so disgraceful at the fuss I've made. What have you done if facts go wrong?

(The birds chirp a tune, which cheers Snow White up some)

Snow White: Oh! You sing a song?

(The mother and father birds nod to each other, then chirp affirmatively to Princess. Snow White sings a tune, which the baby bird is able to chirp. Its parents nod proudly at the perfect thing. After singing the same tune again, the baby bird flies down to Snow White as she sings a harder tune. It tries to mimic her, but the last note it hits is sour)

Snow White: (giggles/sings) With a smile and a song.

(As she sings, a father deer looks up from his grazing, three raccoons look up from their bathing and a family of quails comes out of its nest)

Snow White: (singing) Life is just like a bright, sunny day. Your cares fade away, and your heart is young.

(The other animals, sensing Snow White means no harm, come out of their hiding places. As the raccoons run over to her, the "rock" one of them is standing on reveals itself to be the shell of a turtle that pokes its head out of the pond. The quails are the next to walk over)

Snow White: (singing) With a smile and a song, all the world seems to waken anew. Rejoicing with you, as the song is sung. There's no use in grumbling if raindrops come tumbling, remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine. If you smile and you sing, everything is in tune and it's good and life flows along. With a smile and a soooooOOOONG!!!

(The animals all jump for joy to show they trust Snow White, who feels happier with all her friends surrounding her)

Snow White: I really feel quite happy now. I'm sure I'll get along somehow. Everything's going to be alright.

(The animals all nod "yes)

Snow White: But I do need a place to sleep at night. (to the rabbits) I can't sleep in the ground like you.

(the rabbits nod "no"; to the squirrels)

Snow White: Or in a tree, the fashion you do.

(the squirrels also nod "no")

Snow White: And I'm sure no nest could possibly be big enough for me. Perhaps you know where I can stay. In the woods somewhere?

(The birds, upon hearing Snow White's words, chirp in agreement)

Snow White: You do? Will you take me there?

(And just like that, Snow White, led by the animals, set off into the woods. They pass by the banks of a small river, then over a hill towards a wall of trees. The squirrels and chipmunks bend them back to reveal a small clearing, hosting a small cottage across the same river she passed earlier. Snow White's eyes open wide at the sight of the beautiful house before them)

Snow White: Oh, it's adorable! Just like a doll's house.

(Everyone goes over to the house after Snow White, who pauses on the bridge to take in the scenery. A second later, she gets to the front door)

Snow White: I like it here.

(Snow White goes over to the window, which is very dirty. She wipes away some of the dirt and dust to look inside, but can hardly see a fact. One of the raccoons also wipes away some dirt, but cannot see much of anything inside either)

Snow White: Ooh, it's dark inside.

(Snow White knocks on the door of the cottage, but there is no response. She knocks again, but yet nothing)

Snow White: Guess there's no one home.

(she hears the sound of the door creaking)

Snow White: (to no one) Hello? May I come in?

(she slowly enters with the others following close behind)

Snow White: Csendes.

(The animals very carefully walk in through the door. They are unsure what to make of it, as apart from the sunlight streaming through the open door and window, the room is dimly lit. A wooden staircase, seemingly made of logs sawed in half, leads upstairs. Downstairs, there are barrels, mugs, pots and mining supplies, such as picks and shovels, among other things strewn about the room. Suddenly, Snow White gives a shout)

Snow White: Oh!

(Her shout surprises everyone, and causes the animals to run out the door)

Snow White: (sits on a chair about half her size) What a cute little chair.

(As the other animals, some of which scrambled into various corners of the room, peer from their hiding places. A large table with seven more small chairs is littered with dirty dishes and pots, as well as a pick impaled in it)

Snow White: Why, there's seven little chairs. Must be seven little children. And from the look of this table, seven untidy little children.

(Snow White walks over to one side of the table toward the pick, where the bluebird family is roosted)

Snow White: A pick-axe! A stocking, as well! (looks inside one of the pots) And a shoe!

(The bluebirds wolf-whistle, both at the messy table. Later, Snow White goes over to a fireplace with an enormous soup pot in it, both of which are brimming with dust and cobwebs)

Snow White: And just look at that fireplace. It's covered with dust.

(Snow White takes a deep breath and blows on the mantel, kicking up a cloud of dust. Two of the squirrels and one of the chipmunks sneeze at this, the third one's sending it into a German beer mug)

Snow White: And look, cobwebs everywhere.

(as she says this, a squirrel gets one stuck all over him)

Snow White: My, my, my! What a pile of dirty dishes. And just look at that broom.

(Pan to a broom lying in the corner, looking as though it hasn't been used in a VERY long time. The quail family clicks their tongues disgustedly at this)

Snow White: Why, they've never swept this room. You'd their mother would------perhaps they have no mother.

(Mrs. Deer and her baby shake their heads "no")

Snow White: Then they're orphans. That's too bad!

(Junior nuzzles its mother, who licks it affectionately)

Snow White: I know. We'll clean the house and surprise them. Then perhaps they'll let me stay.

(Snow White takes off her cape, and two of the birds hang it up)

Snow White: Now, you wash the dishes. You tidy up the room. You clean the fireplace. And I'll use the broom.

(The bluebirds whistle a military bugle call, and the cleaning process begins. The animals start picking up the dishes)

Snow White: (sings) Just whistle while you work and cheerfully together, we can tidy up the place. Then hum a merry tune.

(as she hums, she sweeps the floor)

Snow White: (singing) It won't take long if there's a song to help you set the pace.

(As Snow White sings the next verse, a squirrel is drying dishes with a towel on its tail. We later pan to the baby deer, who is licking each dish as it's handed to it)

Snow White: (singing) And as you sweep the room, imagine that the broom is someone that you love and soon you'll find you're dancing to the tune.

(Then, she notices the squirrels cleaning the dishes while a fawn uses its tongue to clean the dishes as the chipmunks are just shining them)

Snow White: (to the animals) Oh, dear, oh, dear. Put them in the tub.

(as she resumes singing, the squirrels push the dishes into the sink)

Snow White: (singing) If hearts are high, the time will fly, then whistle while you work.

(The two squirrels are off in a corner sweeping dust. One is lifting a rug, and the other is trying to sweep the dust under it)

Snow White: Uh-uh-uh, not under the rug.

(The squirrels sweep the dust into a hole, and wink at each other. Suddenly, dust comes flying out of the hole, and they duck under the rug. Then a mouse pokes its head out of the hole, and chitters as if to say "Why don't you watch where you're sweeping?" and starts back inside)

(Fade to Snow White dusting off a wooden organ. Two squirrels are sweeping under a German beer mug. One of them lifts it up, and suddenly, a music box activates and frightens them off. Later, a gray squirrel is sweeping the table with its tail. Snow White goes over to the window and shakes the excess dust off her rag. The squirrel tries that with his tail, and sneezes as a result. Another squirrel is collecting cobwebs with its tail. A chipmunk on top of a cuckoo clock tries the same, but falls off the clock and into a small stocking. Another one is stringing up another web as a spider comes down and frightens it away. Meanwhile, the birds are gathering flowers in a vase, some of which have to be propped up. Later, a hummingbird pierces a pocket of water and it spills out over the flowers. Afterward, most of the chipmunks are carrying dirty clothes to the floor, one falling off after bumping into the handle of a pick. Snow White, yet humming, gathers the clothes and puts them on Mr. Deer)

(Mr. Deer starts for the door just as a bird places a glove on his tail. He almost trips on the overalls dangling from his antlers before regaining his balance just as he is about to go out the other door. Outside, in a pond near the cottage, the raccoons are doing laundry. Mr. Deer gets there and shakes off the clothes on him. After he flings his tail, the glove lands on one of the raccoons, who frowns at him. In another corner, one of the chipmunks is scrubbing a shirt on the turtle's shell, which to him, tickles. Suddenly, two of the birds pull on the shirt. The chipmunk, along with Mr. Turtle, holding onto its tail, tries to pull it back, but the force knocks it into the latter's shell. Then the birds twist the shirt up, wring it and then tie it by the sleeves to a clothesline with some other wet clothes)

Snow White: (singing) Then whistle while you work. (vocalizes for a bit while sweeping the front steps)

(Fade to a mine somewhere in the mountains. Four little men are chipping away with picks at the walls, which have lots of gemstones embedded in them. These are just four of the eponymous Seven Dwarfs. They are top to bottom, Happy, Grumpy, Bashful and Sneezy. As they chip away at the walls, their picks clink rhythmically and they break into song)

Dwarfs: (sings) We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig in our mine the entire day through. To dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig is what we like to do.

Happy: (singing) It ain't no trick to get rich swift.

Grumpy: (singing) If you dig, dig, dig with a shovel or a pick.

Bashful: (singing) In a mine. (echoes)

Sneezy: (singing) In a mine. (echoes)

Dwarfs: (singing) Where a million diamonds.

Echo: (singing) Shine!

(As the song continues, another of the dwarfs, Sleepy, is driving a cart complete with sapphires pulled by a male deer. He spots a fly that lands on the deer and tries to swat it, but misses and hits the draft deer instead and it kicks him several times)

Dwarfs: (singing) We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig from early morning until night. We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig up everything in sight.

(Cut to Doc, the leader of the dwarfs, gathers moonstones with a small wooden mallet. He taps a diamond, and it dings. He grins, knowing it's a good one and puts it in a bag with once more just like it. He later taps a ruby, but it clanks. This one is no good, it is more like a dud which goes to the rejection pile where he tosses it away)

Dwarfs: (singing) We dig up diamonds by the score, a thousand rubies, sometimes more. But we don't know what we dig them for, we dig, dig, dig a-dig dig.

(Cut to Dopey, the youngest and last of the dwarfs. The ruby Doc threw away land near him, and he sweeps it up along with other rejected gemstones, some of which are broken. Then he takes the dustpan and throws its contents over a hill. Afterwards, he goes over to Doc as the latter inspects an emerald. Suddenly, the mute dwarf sees two diamonds and gets an idea and tugs on Doc's sleeve. The latter turns around and is astonished to find the former has put the diamonds on his eyes. Then Doc bonks Dopey on the head, obviously not amused by the silent one's little joke. Suddenly, the clock, which reads 5:00 p.m., rings out. Doc knows that it is now quitting time)

Doc: (calling out) Heigh-ho!

(The dwarfs working in the mine hear Doc's call and stop what they're doing, knowing it's time to go home)

Dwarfs: (singing) Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-hoooooOOOO!!!! Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go. (whistling) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho. (whistling)

(Doc throws a bag of gems into a closet marked "Vault". Then Dopey tries the same, but forgets to let go of the bag he's holding and zips inside. Then he runs out, closes the door and locks it. He almost sets off as he realizes he's yet holding the vault key, where he hangs it up and runs off-screen. As the dwarfs march on, Dopey, who is at the rear, attempts to keep up)

Dwarfs: (singing) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho hum! Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go. (whistling) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go. (whistling, fade out)

(Fade to the Dwarfs' cottage, basement. Snow White has just finished cleaning. Curious, she goes to the stairway)

Snow White: Let's see what's upstairs.

(Everyone, including the animals, go up the stairs behind Snow White. Mr. Turtle tries to climb up, but falls flat on his back. He grabs his tail in his mouth and pulls himself up. Then he bites on a stair and starts climbing the stairs, albeit very slowly, which is typical for a turtle. Soon, everyone reaches the top stair and Snow White opens the door. Before them are seven small beds, three on the left wall, three on the right wall and one in front)

Snow White: Oh, what adorable little beds! And look, they have their names carved on them. Doc? Happy? Sneezy? Dopey? Huh. What funny names for children. Grumpy, Bashful and Sleepy. (yawns) I'm a little sleepy myself.

(Everyone settles down, some on the floor, others on the beds. Snow White lies down on the beds marked Happy, Sneezy and Dopey. One of the birds flies over and puts out the candle with its tail feathers. All the animals are now sleeping soundly, except for Mr. Turtle, who is now almost to the top of the stairs. Suddenly, the sound of singing arouses the animals)

Dwarfs: (faintly and growing louder with each second) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go.

(The animals rush to the window, and seeing that the dwarfs are drawing closer, all scramble for the stairs)

Dwarfs: (singing) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go.

(Mr. Turtle has eventually made it to the top stair, but doesn't get far before the rest of the animals run over him. Then he tries to follow them, but falls down the stairs. Meanwhile, the animals dash out the front door and take cover in some nearby trees. Cut to the dwarfs. They are just coming up the hill as they continue their song)

Dwarfs: (singing) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho.

Doc: Look!

Dwarfs: (minus Doc) Heigh-

(They all bump into Doc as he stops short, their picks and shovels clattering on the ground)

Doc: Our house! The lit's light, er, the light's lit!

(The dwarfs, suddenly surprised, run over to some tree to see what's going on. What they see is very unusual)

Dwarfs: Jiminy Crickets!

(Before them is the selfsame cottage which Snow White just cleaned. The door is yet open a crack, the lights are yet on and the chimney is emitting steam. There's no doubt about it, the house is certainly theirs)

Doc: The door is open.

Happy: The chimney's smoking.

Sneezy: Something's in there.

Happy: Perhaps a ghost.

Bashful: Or a goblin.

Doc: A demon.

Sleepy: Or a dragon.

Grumpy: Mark my words, there's danger a-brewing. Felt it coming all day. (points to his foot) My corns hurt.

Happy: Gawrsh!

Bashful: That's a bad sign. (to Doc and Sleepy) What have we done?

Happy: Let's sneak up on it.

Doc: Yes. We'll, uh, squeak up, uh, sneak up. C'mon, hen, uh, men. Follow me.

(The dwarfs, led by Doc, all tiptoe silently towards the cottage with raised picks and slightly frightened expressions. Dopey, who is last in line as usual, is the most frightened. As they reach the cottage, Doc cautiously peers into the crack in the front door and beckons the others to come closer)

Doc: Psst.

(Doc slowly opens the door and looks around. The other dwarfs pile in around him, with Dopey peeking out through Sleepy's beard. Seeing that the coast is clear, the dwarfs tiptoe slowly inside, their shoes squeaking on the clean floor and Sleepy steps on Dopey as they enter. Then the mute dwarf picks himself up and shuts the door. THUD!! The noise alarms the others so many, they jump and scramble around frantically. As they see it's only Dopey locking the door, they calm down)

Dwarfs: Csendes!

(Dopey nods, but turns towards the door)

Dopey: Csendes!

Doc: Careful, men. Search every cook and nanny, er, hook and granny, uh, crook and fan--- (sees that his inability to say "nook and cranny" is confusing the others) Search everywhere.

(Then the dwarfs split up, their shoes yet squeaking. From up in the rafters, the bluebird family watches them sneaking around, looking for whatever's in their house. From a window, Mrs. Deer, a rabbit and two chipmunks also watch, ducking briefly out of sight as two of them pass by. After a few seconds, one of them following Doc makes a loud creaking sound, and they stop short)

Doc: Shh, quiet!

(About three steps later, Doc, followed by Sneezy and Sleepy, stops and looks down on the newly-cleaned floor)

Doc: Look!

(Sneezy and Sleepy raise their picks)

Doc: The floor, it's been swept!

(The two dwarfs look down, and see that he's right. Grumpy, on the other hand, runs a finger over a chair)

Grumpy: Huh! Chair's been dusted.

Happy: Our window's been washed.

(Then Bashful looks at where the cobwebs are)

Bashful: Gawrsh, our cobwebs are missing.

Doc: Why, why, why, why…why, the entire place is clean!

Grumpy: There's dirty work afoot!

(Doc nods in agreement. Over by the sink, Sleepy and Sneezy notice that all the dishes that were in it are gone)

Sneezy: Sink's empty. Hey, someone stole our dishes!

(Happy, who is by the cabinets, looks inside and sees that the dishes are all inside)

Happy: They ain't stole, they're hid in the cupboard.

(Bashful, who is standing nearby, picks up a small mug and inspects it carefully)

Bashful: My cup's been washed. (runs a finger through it) Sugar's gone.

(Then Happy and Dopey head towards the fireplace, where the stew is yet cooking. It is bubbling and brewing nicely so far, and not overflowing as one will expect)

Happy: Something's cooking. (takes a whiff) Smells good.

(He tries to take a taste, but Grumpy pulls both him and Dopey away from the pot)

Grumpy: Don't touch it, you fools! (points to the pot) It might be poisoned!

(Suddenly, as if on cue, the pot hisses as some steam escapes and the lid rustles a bit from the force. The three dwarfs jump back in surprise)

Grumpy: You see? It's witch's brew.

(Cut to the Dwarfs' table. The plates, bowls, glasses and utensils are arranged neatly about with a lit candelabra and a pot of flowers in the middle)

Doc: Look what just happened to our stable, er, table.

(Bashful notices the flowerpot and takes the flowers out)

Bashful: Flowers! (takes a big sniff)

Sneezy: What?

Bashful: Look, goldenrod.

(Bashful puts the flowers in Sneezy's face, but he swiftly recoils from the pollen, emitting from them)

Sneezy: Don't do it. Take them away. My nose! My hay fever. You know I can't stand it! I can't…I ca…I…ah-ch…ah… (gears up to sneeze, but the other dwarfs block his nose just in time) Phew, thanks.

(Unfortunately, this does not help for long as Sneezy lets out a loud, anguished shout that blows all the dwarfs across the room, except for Grumpy, who fights himself against the blast. Then the other five dwarfs fall in a heap at the far end of the room, several dishes clattering at their feet)

Doc/Sleepy/Dopey/Happy/Bashful: Csendes!

(Sneezy simply strokes his nose as Grumpy walks over to him)

Grumpy: You crazy fool! Fine time you picked to sneeze!

Sneezy: I couldn't help it. I can't warn. If you have to, you have to. (feels another sneeze coming on) I…I…I have to. I-I-It's coming. Ah-ch…oo-ch…ah-ch…ah…

(The others tackle him to try and quell his sneeze, for fear that it might be a bigger one)

Dwarfs: Watch out! Don't let him! Stop him!

Sneezy: (head poking out of the pile) Oh…ah-ah-ah-

(The dwarfs pull his head back in)

Dwarfs: No, tie it tight! Don't let go! Hold him tight! I'll tie it. Make a hard knot.

(The others pull away from Sneezy, revealing that they have tied his beard tightly around his nose to keep him from sneezing)

Happy: There, that'll hold him.

Sneezy: (nasally) Phew, thanks.

Happy: Csendes!

Grumpy: Silence, you fool! You wanna get us all murdered?

(Upon hearing Grumpy, the bluebirds decide to have a little fun and tap their beaks on the rafters. The noise alarms the dwarfs)

Happy: Wh-wh-wh-what's that?

Doc: That's it.

Bashful: Sounded close.

Grumpy: It's in this room right now.

(A second later, the bluebirds let out an ear-piercing squawk that frightens the dwarfs even more, causing them to scatter in separate directions. Sneezy jumps right into a pot and peeks out from it. Happy is hiding behind a chair, while Sleepy pokes out from a bucket, his beard disguised as part of a mop. Dopey also comes out of a wood pile with an axe impaled in the log on his head. Grumpy, however, gets up, disguised as a spilled bag of potatoes, his nose disguised as one. The last to come out is Bashful, from under the stairs, as the others gather around and look upstairs)

Doc: (carrying a lit candle) It's up there.

Bashful: Yes, in the bedroom.

Doc: Uh, right, one of us has to go down and chase it up. (realizes he meant "go up and chase it down") Uh-uh-uh, up, down.

(The dwarfs all nod in agreement, but turn towards Dopey. He grins at first, but as he realizes they're sending him up, he looks at them as if to say "ME?!" and tries to get away, but Sneezy and Grumpy pull him back toward the stairs)

Doc: Here, take it. Don't be hesitant.

(Doc places the candle in Dopey's quivering hand, and the others push him towards the stairs. He is almost up as a creak makes him jump and turn back to the others)

Doc: Don't be afraid. We're right behind you.

Other Dwarfs: (in unison) Yes, right behind you.

(Dopey nods affirmatively, but gulps as he turns around. Then he gets to the top of the stairs and opens the door slowly. After a few seconds of peering inside, he opens the door the rest of the road and looks around to see if the coast is clear. Then he walks in and takes a few steps before checking to see if the others are yet following him. Suddenly, a strange sound causes him to spin around and see a ghostly figure emerging from the sheets. Thinking it's a monster, Dopey shrieks in terror and runs back towards the steps. The others are almost at the top as he runs out)

Grumpy: Here it comes!

(Dopey bumps into the other dwarfs, and they all fall down the stairs in a heap. Frightened out of their wits, six of the dwarfs run out the front door in the following order: Bashful, Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy and Doc, who locks the door behind him. Dopey, yet stuck in the house, runs smack into the door and pulls on it. The others, thinking the fact in their bedroom is trying to get out, pull the door their fashion)

Sneezy: It's after us!

Bashful: Don't let it out!

Grumpy: Hold it shut!

(Dopey, convinced that the fact is awake and after him, pulls frantically on the door. The handle breaks off and sends him flying into a cabinet, complete with pots and pans. Tangled in kitchenware and whatnot, Dopey runs blindly out the front door. Outside, in a tree, the dwarfs are poised to take on the fact as it comes toward them)

Dwarfs: Here it comes. Now's our chance. Get it now!

(they start beating up on the strange fact running towards them)

Dwarfs: Give it to him! Don't let it get away!

Grumpy: Take that, and that, and that!

(Eventually, the stuff is revealed to be Dopey, in fact. Grumpy hits him on the head once more until Doc stops them)

Doc: Hold on there! I-it-it's only Dopey.

(The others only look surprised as the others speak, making him make motions, which tires him out)

Sneezy: Did you see it?

(Dopey nods "yes")

Happy: How big is this?

(Dopey stretches his arms out wide as if to say "huge!")

Grumpy: Was it a dragon?

(Dopey nods "yes" again)

Sneezy: Has it got horns?

(Dopey puts his hands to his ears and holds up his index fingers like horns)

Grumpy: Was it breathing fire?

Happy: Was it drooling?

Sneezy: What was it doing here?

(Dopey snores, pretending to be asleep)

Doc: He says it's a....a monster asleep in our beds!

Grumpy: Let's attack!

Sneezy: While it's sleeping!

Dwarfs: Yes, while it's sleeping!

Doc: Hurry up, men, it's now or never!

Happy: Off with its head!

Bashful: Break its bones!

Sneezy: Chop it to pieces!

Grumpy: But we'll murder it dead!

(Dopey gets up and follows the other dwarfs with a pot stuck to his foot and another on his butt. He, along with the others, are now all the more determined to drive the so-called monster out of their home, not knowing who or what it really is, or if there's only one)

(Cut to the Dwarfs' bedroom. The room is dark, until the door slowly swings open. Just like with the front door, Doc pokes his head inside and the others pile up around him with Dopey peeking out from Sleepy's beard. They tiptoe into the room, but only get five steps before another strange sound makes them stop short. Then the strange shape vanishes into the covers)

Sneezy: Jiminy Crickets!

Bashful: Gawrsh!

Happy: Sheesh!

Sneezy: What a monster!

Bashful: And covering our beds.

Doc: Let's murder it before it wakes up.

Happy: Which end do we murder? And which end?

All: Csendes!

(The dwarfs sneak over to the beds and surround it, weapons raised. Doc motions for the others to wait until he lifts the covers. But the moment he does so, they all stop in surprise at what's really underneath: Snow White, sleeping peacefully)

Doc: Well…uh, uh…

Happy: Wh-what is this?

Doc: Why, i-i-it-it's a girl!

Sneezy: She's mighty pretty.

Bashful: She's beautiful, just like an angel.

Grumpy: Angel? Hah! She's a female, and all females is poison! They're complete with wicked wiles!

Bashful: What are "wicked wiles"?

Grumpy: I don't know, but I'm against them!

Doc: Csendes! Not so loud, you'll wake her up!

Grumpy: Aw, let her wake up! She don't belong here nohow!

Doc: Csendes!

(It's too late since Snow White starts to stir)

Bashful: Watch out!

Sneezy: She's moving!

Happy: She's waking up!

Sneezy: What have we done?

Doc: In here, hide!

(The dwarfs all scramble under the floorboard of the bed just as Snow White gets up)

Snow White: Oh, dear. I wonder if the children are-- (sees a bunch of eyes staring at her) OOHHHH!!!!

(The sound alarms her watchers, and a second later, they peek up and reveal themselves as the dwarfs)

Snow White: Why…why, you're little men.

(Then the dwarfs stand up and stare at the newcomer before them, confused as to who they are and where they came from)

Snow White: How do you do?

(The dwarfs don't respond, as they don't understand what they just heard)

Snow White: I said "how do you do?"

Grumpy: How do you do what?

Snow White: Oh, you can speak! I'm so glad. Now, don't warn me who you are. Let me guess. (to Doc) Let's see, you're…Doc, right?

Doc: (chuckles) Wh-wh-why-why-y…Yes, that's true!

Snow White: (to Bashful) And you're…you're Bashful.

(As she says this, Bashful blushes and ties his beard up in a knot)

Bashful: Ohh, gosh.

Snow White: (to Sleepy) And you, you're Sleepy.

Sleepy: Oh, how'd you guess? (chuckles)

Snow White: Krampus can hear you.

Sneezy: Ah…ah-ch…ah-ch…ah…

(Dopey and Grumpy plug his nose)

Snow White: Sneezy.

Sneezy: Phew…ah-choo!

Snow White: Yes, and you must be....

Happy: Happy, ma'am, that's me. (points to Dopey) And this is Dopey. He don't speak none. (chuckles)

(Dopey shakes his head "no")

Snow White: You mean he can't speak?

Happy: He don't know. He never tried.

Snow White: Oh, that's too bad!

(Grumpy crosses his arms and looks at the others with one eye closed)

Snow White: Oh, you must be Grumpy.

[Everyone laughs]

Doc: Oh, y-yes!

Grumpy: Hah! We know who we are. Ask them who she is, and what she's doing here!

Doc: Huh, yes! What are you, and who are you doing here? (realizes he means "Who are you, and what are you doing here?") Uh, wh-wh-what are you...who are you, my darling?

Snow White: Oh, how silly of me. I'm Snow White.

Happy: Snow White?

Dwarfs: Princess?

Snow White: Yes.

Doc: Well, my-my dear quincess, er, princess, we're, uh, we're honored. Yes, we're, uh, we're, uh…

Grumpy: Mad as hornets!

Doc: Mad as hornets! No, no, we're not. We're bad as cornets. No, no, as bad as...what was I saying?

Grumpy: Nothing! Just standing there sputtering like a doodlebug!

Doc: (insulted) Move! Who-who-who's buttering like a spoodledug? Who's…r-ruttering like a getterbug--

Grumpy: Aw, shut up and warn her to get out!

Snow White: Please, don't send me away. If you do, she'll hurt me.

Dwarfs: Hurt you? Who will? Yes, who?

Snow White: My stepmother, Queen!

Dwarfs: (surprised and horrified) Queen?!

Bashful: She's wicked!

Happy: She's bad!

Sneezy: She's mighty mean!

Grumpy: She's an old witch! I'm warning you. If Queen finds her here, she'll swoop down and wreak her vengeance on us!

Snow White: But she doesn't know where I am.

Grumpy: She don't, right? She knows everything. She's complete with black magic. She can even make herself invisible. Pfft!

(Doc jumps back in surprise)

Grumpy: Might be in this room right now.

(Dopey looks under Happy's beard, thinking Queen might be there, but the latter bonks him on the head)

Snow White: Oh, she'll never find me here. And if you let me stay, I'll keep house for you. I'll wash and sew and sweep and cook and…

Dwarfs: Cook?!

Doc: C-can you make dapple lumpkins, uh, lumple dapplins?

Dwarfs: Apple dumplings!

Doc: Ah, yes! Crapple dumpkins.

Snow White: Yes, and plum pudding, and gooseberry pie-----

Dwarfs: Gooseberry pie?! HOORAY, SHE STAYS!!

(Far down in the fireplace, the stew is starting to boil over. With that said, Princess bolts out of the dwarfs' beds and runs downstairs to the boiling pot in the fireplace. She carefully removes the lid, takes a spoonful of stew and tastes it. The dwarfs, seeing Snow White run so fast, gather at the top of the stairs and take a whiff. They see now it's not witch's brew, as Grumpy thought, but some very good smelling stew, or soup, as they think)

Dwarfs: Ah…soup! Hurray!

(The dwarfs all run down the stairs. All that is, except Dopey, whose head is stuck in the railing. As he tries to unstick himself, the others run like thunder around the table, which is already set with a bread basket complete with rolls. The dwarfs, minus Dopey, each grabs one)

Grumpy: Hey, you got my plate!

(Dopey's head eventually bursts out. But before the former gets a chance to speak, the silent dwarf runs down the stairs, tripping on his shirt for a moment. As soon as he gets to the table, the others are already fighting over the bread)

Snow White: Uh-uh-uh, just a moment!

(The moment Snow White speaks, the clamor stops and everyone at the table turns to look at Princess)

Snow White: Supper's not quite ready. You'll just have time to wash.

Dwarfs: (confused) Wash?

(They all look at each other, obviously not familiar with the concept. Grumpy, however, just frowns toward Snow White for a moment)

Grumpy: Hah! Knew there's a catch to it.

(He throws down his spoon and crosses his arms. Meanwhile, the dwarfs are yet confused as to why they have to wash)

Bashful: Why wash?

Happy: What for? We ain't going nowhere.

Doc: Ain't New Year's.

(The other dwarfs shake their heads "no")

Snow White: Oh, maybe you have washed.

Doc: Maybe we...yes, maybe we have.

Snow White: (unconvinced) And if…

Doc: Where? Where…uh, you said "where"...why, last week……month…year…why, uh, recently.

Dwarfs: Yes, recently.

Snow White: Oh, recently. Let me see your hands.

(The dwarfs, surprised at this statement, put their hands behind their backs and slowly back towards the wall. Snow White, however, is not about to let their potentially filthy hands slide by her)

Snow White: Let me see your hands.

(The first is Doc, who shows his dirty hands, knowing it's no use trying to cover up the truth)

Snow White: Why, Doc, I'm surprised.

(Doc puts his hands back behind him, chuckling hesitantly. Then Snow White turns to Bashful)

Snow White: C'mon, let's see them.

(Bashful shows his hands, which are just as dirty as Doc's. After Princess sees them, he blushes again)

Snow White: Oh, Bashful. My, my, my. (to Sneezy) And you?

(Sneezy shows his hands, also very dirty. Snow White clicks her tongue disapprovingly, and Happy tries to clean his hands by rubbing them on his clothes, but this does not work)

Snow White: Oh, worse than I thought.

(Dopey's equally dirty hands show, but only for a moment before his sleeves drape over them. The next is Sleepy, who also puts his dirty hands through his beard)

Snow White: (gasping) How shocking. (clicks her tongue again)

(Grumpy frowns, but looks at his own hands and turns away)

Snow White: Heavens me, this will never do.

(Grumpy, though not lined up like the others, looks at his hand, but doesn't seem to care whether or not it is dirty and crosses his arms)

Snow White: March straight outside and wash, or you'll not get a bite to eat.

(The dwarfs start to file out the door, knowing they have to eat or live, nor is it any use arguing with Princess. Dopey, as usual, is last in line, yet showing off his sleeve-covered hands. Unfortunately, he fails to look where he's going and runs smack into the pantry, where several pots and fans fall on him. Then Dopey runs out the door, surprisingly unharmed. Grumpy, however, just frowns out the door, disgusted at how easily his roommates have succumbed to Snow White's charms)

Grumpy: Heh!

(Then Grumpy turns around and sees Princess looking down on him)

Snow White: Well? Aren't you going to wash?

(Grumpy says nothing and turns away, obviously not letting anything do with women, especially not ones like Snow White coming into his house and warning him what to do like she is his mother)

Snow White: What's the matter, cat got your tongue?

(Grumpy gets serious by Snow White's remark, and sticks his tongue out at her to show that it's yet in his mouth. Then he storms, but like Dopey before him, he does not look where he's going and hits his nose on the door. Snow White laughs at this)

Snow White: Aw, did you hurt yourself?

(Grumpy simply scoffs and slips his hat back on. Then he storms out the door, locking it behind him and sits on a barrel. Then he puts a piece of straw in his mouth and chews on it)

Grumpy: Hah, women!

Doc: (off-screen) Courage, men, courage. Don't be hesitant.

(Cut to the other Dwarfs standing around a small tub of water. Happy swishes a finger around in it)

Happy: Gawrsh, it's wet.

(Then Sneezy sticks a finger in the water and immediately recoils, shivering)

Sneezy: It's cold, as well!

Bashful: We ain't gonna do it, are we?

Doc: Well, and it'll please Princess.

Happy: Heh, I'll take a chance for her.

Bashful/Sneezy/Sleepy: Me too!

(Grumpy, who is watching from his barrel, is not amused that his brothers are giving in to the charms of a woman)

Grumpy: Huh! Her wiles are beginning to work. But I'm warning you; you give them an inch and they'll walk all over you!

Doc: Don't listen to that old......warthog. C'mon now, men.

Sneezy: How hard do you scrub?

Sleepy: Will your whiskers shrink?

Happy: Do you get in the tub?

Bashful: Do you have to wash where it doesn't show?

Doc: Now, now, don't get emotional. Here we go. (sings) Step up to the tub, oh, ain't no disgrace. Just pull up your sleeves and get up in place. Then stuff up the water and rub it on your face and go bluddle-uddle-um-dum.

(As Doc continues singing, the others each pick up a bar of soap, dip it in the water, scrub their faces and stuff some water in their hands)

Doc: (singing) Pick up the soap, now don't try to bluff. Work up the lather, and if you've had enough. Get your hands complete with water, you snort and you snuff and go (with the other who rub their faces) bluddle-uddle-um-dum. You douse and souse, you rub and scrub. You sputter and splash all over the tub.

(The fly from the mine flies off toward Sleepy and lands on the soap. As it scrubs itself, a bubble forms around it, getting bigger and bigger until it bursts, surprising the fly)

Doc: (singing) You may be cold and wet, if you're done. But you have to admit, it's good clean fun. Then splash all you like, it ain't any trick. As soon as you're through, you'll feel mighty slick.

Grumpy: (singing) Bunch of old nanny goats, you make me sick going bluddle-uddle-um-dum.

(Cut to the bathtub. Doc is cleaning the heads of the other dwarfs with a long brush. He is about to go to Dopey, but the latter keeps moving around. Eventually, he hits him and Doc scrubs his butt instead)

Grumpy: Hah! Next fact you know, she'll be tying your beards up in pink ribbons and smelling you up with that stuff called…uh…"perfume". Hah! (spits)

(Cut to the dwarfs scrubbing. Happy wrings his beard out and shakes off on Doc, who frowns at him. Dopey, on the other hand, is hitting his head, which is complete with water. As this doesn't work, he shakes his head, but it just forms waves. Dopey blows on his finger, and the water in his head trickles out. Cut to Sneezy and Sleepy blindly walking around Bashful, who is wringing out his beard. Then the former two dry themselves off on his clothes and beard)

Grumpy: A fine bunch of water lilies you turned out to be.

(Doc, putting his glasses back on, looks toward him)

Grumpy: I'd like to see anybody make me wash, if I didn't wanna.

(Doc simply clears his throat and calls the others over. They huddle up and Doc whispers something to them, preferably how to make the chauvinistic dwarf wash and the others laugh silently. After a second, they advance toward Grumpy, whistling nonchalantly. He notices the whistlers around him, and by the time he realizes why, it's no use)

Doc: GET HIM!!

(Then the other dwarfs pile on top of Grumpy and carry the thrashing dwarf towards the tub)

Grumpy: Hey, let go! Let go of me!

Doc: Get him over to the tub. Get him over to the tub!

Grumpy: Lemme loose, you fools! LEMME LOOSE!!

Doc: Get him up on the tub. Get him up! Hang onto him! Bang him! Pound him!

(the other dwarfs lift Grumpy up into the tub, and Dopey lifts Sneezy up)

Doc: Get him up on the dub......on the mub...on the tub...th-the tub. Don't, don't, don't, don't get emotional! Don't get…don't get up...don't get…

(Just then, Grumpy kicks, causing Sneezy to fall onto Dopey, who rolls into Doc. Holding onto him, Dopey looks at Doc lovingly, but the latter just tosses him off)

Doc: (imperatively) Get the soap!

(Dopey nods and tries to get up, but trips on his coat. Then he gets up again and runs toward a bar of soap. He picks it up, but before he can get it to the others, it slips out of his hand repeatedly)

Doc: Oh! Steady, men! We'll get him there!

(The soap slips several more times before it rockets into the air, but bumps Dopey right on the head. The silent dwarf looks at it, and determined not to get the better of him, sneaks up on the soap and pounces. Unfortunately, it bounces off of Doc's butt and into Dopey's mouth. A second later, he hiccups bubbles, all the while looking for the soap. After another hiccup, Dopey pats his stomach and feels a rounded rectangular shape. He has incidentally swallowed the soap. But just as he realizes this, he falls down and he gets a hiccuping fit. Meanwhile, the other dwarfs are restraining Grumpy and gagging him hard, the latter not enjoying his predicament)

Doc: (singing) Now scrub good and hard, it can't be denied that he'll look mighty cute as soon as he's dried.

All: (singing) Well, it's good for the soul and it's good for the hide to go.

(On the next line, they dip him in the tub three times)

Grumpy: Bluddle-uddle-um-dum!

(Cut to Dopey, who has hiccuped a lot of bubbles. Then he holds his breath, hoping it will stop his hiccups, but after a while, his face turns red and a great big one ribbits him into the air. As he comes back down, his head has disappeared into his shirt and lets out one more hiccup. A bubble the size of his head bursts and his hat falls on his head. Meanwhile, the others are yet restraining Grumpy. Ironically, his beard had blue ribbons tied onto them and he has been prayed with perfume. Everyone laughs at how this words earlier have backfired on him)

Bashful: Ain't he sweet?

Sneezy: (sniffs) Smells like a petunia.

Happy: (puts a lei on Grumpy) He sure is cute.

Grumpy: (frustrated) You'll pay dearly for this!

(Meanwhile, inside the house, Snow White samples her stew)

Snow White: (bangs on the soup pot with her spoon) Supper!

Doc: Supper!

Dwarfs: Food! HOORAY!!

(Everyone runs for the house, dropping Grumpy back in the tub)

Grumpy: Bluddle-uddle-um-dum! (sticks his head back out with his lei on his nose) Hah!

(Fade to Grimhile's castle, throne room. Queen is standing before the Magic Mirror holding the box she gave to Huntsman)

Queen: Magic Mirror on the wall, who now is the fairest one of all?

Magic Mirror: Over the seventh jeweled hills, beyond the seventh fall, in the cottage of the seven dwarfs, dwells Snow White, fairest one of all.

Queen: Snow White lies dead in the forest. The Huntsman has brought me proof. (opens the box) Behold, her heart.

Magic Mirror: Snow White yet lives, the fairest in the land. It is the heart of a pig you hold in your hand.

Queen: The heart of a pig?! Then I've been tricked!

(Queen marches down a spiral staircase into the basement. As she reaches the end, she goes through a door into a secluded laboratory. Sitting on a skull is Queen's pet, a crow, who awakens with a start as Queen locks the door behind her)

Queen: The heart of a pig! The blundering fool! (throws the lock-box down in frustration) I'll go myself to the dwarfs' cottage in a disguise so complete no one will ever suspect. (reaches on a bookshelf and takes one titled "Disguises") Now, a formula to transform my beauty into ugliness, change my queenly raiment to a peddler's cloak.

(Queen turns to a page titled "Peddler's Disguise". The ingredients are Mummy Dust, Black of Night, Old Hag's Cackle and Shriek of Fright)

Queen: Mummy dust to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the Black of Night.

(She takes a vial of black liquid adds a drop to a glass at what appears to be distilled water, turning it black)

Queen: To age my voice, an Old Hag's Cackle.

(She turns a burner under a vial of red liquid to high, causing it to boil over and flow into the glass, a cackling laugh filling the air as it does so)

Queen: To whiten my hair, a Shriek of Fright.

(She turns a handle on a rusty-looking container and green liquid pours out from inside while a ghostly clouds lets out a loud, anguished shriek)

Queen: A blast of wind....

(as she says this, a sudden gust fills the room)

Queen: To fan my hate! A thunderbolt....

(a bolt of thunder strikes against the potion, making it fizz)

Queen: To mix it well. Now, begin thy magic spell.

(Queen takes the glass and drinks down every single drop of the potion. Suddenly, she drops the glass on the floor, clutching her throat and gasping for air as the room starts to spin. Her transformation begins with her hair, flailing about as it turns white. Then, she looks at her hands as they suddenly start to turn clawed and bony)

Queen: Look! My hands!

(A few moments later, Queen eventually says something while her transformation finishes its curse)

Queen: (cracked voice) My voice! My voice! (cackling)

(She reveals her new appearance; a skeletal, witchy-looking hag with a warty nose and pasty-white hair in a jet-black cloak)

Queen: A perfect disguise.

(She cackles once more as the absolutely terrified crow falls into a skull)

Queen: And now...a special sort of death for one so fair. (leafs through a spellbook) What shall it be? AH!!

(her shout frightens the crow so many, he falls behind his perch)

Queen: A poisoned apple! "Sleeping Death". Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! (reading) "One taste of the Poisoned Apple, and the victim's eyes will close forever in the Sleeping Death."

(Fade to the Dwarfs' house. Our heroes have finished eating dinner and are now enjoying a dance feast. The dwarfs are yodeling whilst playing music. Doc is strumming a cello, Sneezy is playing a lute and Bashful, an accordion while Happy and Dopey do-si-do. They break it up for a second before doing another one as Snow White claps her hands)

Doc: (yodels)

Bashful: (yodeling)

(Sneezy yodels for a while as Dopey follows the lump on his throat, which moves as he sings. Off in a corner, Grumpy is playing a wooden organ, whose pipes have carved with different types of animals. He is sitting on the pedals, and not on a bench as one will expect. Soon, he plays a tune and Happy steps forward)

Happy: Ahem! (sings) I'd like to dance and tap my feet, but they won't keep in rhythm. You see, I washed them both today and I can't do nothing with them.

Dwarfs: (singing) Ho-hum, the tune is dumb, the words don't mean a fact. Isn't this a silly song for anyone to sing?

(Off in another corner, Dopey uses several drumsticks to beat on a wooden xylophone, then on a drum. As he does so, his drumsticks fly up into the air, slide through his coat and hit another drum, creating a rim shot as the last one hits a cymbal. In the center of the room, the silly tune plays again as Happy and Sneezy urge Bashful to sing before Snow White)

Bashful: I- (giggles)

(Grumpy tries the tune again, but Bashful is yet having damage making his words come out)

Bashful: Oh, g-g-g-gawrsh!

(The entire room, except for an annoyed Grumpy, bursts out laughing. The latter, however, hits his hands on the things, causing the organ to let out a loud, anguished yell)

Bashful: (singing) I chased a polecat up a tree way out upon a limb. And if he has the best of me, I have the worst of him.

Dwarfs: (singing) Ho-hum, the tune is dumb, the words don't mean a fact. Isn't this a silly song for anyone to sing?

(Cut to Dopey beating a cymbal in front to where Snow White is sitting. Then Princess kicks the cymbal as Dopey puts it on his head and sidesteps off-screen. Then Happy steps in and yodels swiftly. Snow White decides to join in, singing a high note. In another corner, Sleepy, who has been playing a flute, yawns as the fly from earlier flies into his mouth. As he sees the fly, he tries to catch it. Later, Doc offers Snow White a dance, and just like Happy and Dopey before, they do-si-do, breaking it up with Bashful and Sneezy before getting back to Doc again. Dopey is off drumming as he sees a fly. In an attempt to hit it, he instead hits several drums, culminating in a percussion solo which wears him out. Then the fly lands on Sleepy's nose. He gets ready to swat it as Dopey hands him a cymbal, and just as he's about to hit the fly, it flies away and his face shakes from the impact. Soon, Snow White is dancing in the middle of the room. Grumpy continues to play the organ, which works for a while until a note gets stuck. Annoyed, he shuts the mouths with the stuck note and plays a descending scale which ends with a wooden bird hatching out of an egg, giving a single chirp. Soon everyone is dancing all around the room and the dwarfs give a cheer to show the wonderful time they and their guests are having, while the animals swing to the music by the window. Later, Dopey, who is wearing a coat twice his size, jumps on Sneezy's head and tries to balance himself, all the while rubbing the latter's nose with his feet)

Sneezy: Be care--watch out. B-B-Be care…watch it, watch it, watch it, watch…w-w…AAHHHH---- (is about to sneeze, but Dopey blocks his nose just in time) Thanks.

(Then Dopey buttons up the coat and Sneezy walks him toward the others, the former snapping his fingers all the while. As they see the now tall dwarf, some of them start laughing at the somehow silly sight. Dopey bows to Snow White, who curtsies at the former's dance invitation, as he suddenly starts to lose his balance. Dopey is about to fall over as Sneezy reaches out an arm from behind and pulls the former back up just before he hits the floor. The others, yet laughing, breathe a sigh of relief and the dance music resumes. Then Dopey leads Snow White into the middle of the room as they start their dance. He swings his head happily, knowing that he's dancing with Princess. Meanwhile, Sneezy does his best to copy her foot motions, as well as keep his top half balanced. As Doc strums his cello, Sneezy starts to run around as Dopey hangs around Snow White in an elbow swing. Soon after, they break into a Russian dance while the dwarfs constantly say "Hey!". After a second, the music's tempo starts to rise until suddenly, Dopey is happily dancing as he hears Sneezy down below)

Sneezy: Ah-ch…ah-ch…ah-ch…ah…ooh…ah-ch--

(Dopey reacts fearfully, as Sneezy is about to sneeze. Snow White covers her ears, and everyone else scrambles for hiding places as Sneezy's sneeze reaches critical mass. Dopey mistakenly covers his nose, but it's no use)

Sneezy: Ah-ch-ch…ah-ch-ch…ah-ch-ah…ah-ch-ch…ah-ch…ah-ah-AAHHHH....AH-CHOOOOOOOO!!

(The blast of air from Sneezy's sneeze inflates Dopey's coat, and he bursts out like a cork. As the coat flops down to the floor and reveals Sneezy, everyone, except Grumpy, bursts out laughing at the hilarious sight as Dopey climbs down from the rafter he got blown into)

Snow White: (chuckling) That was fun.

Happy: Now you do something.

Snow White: Well, what have I done?

Sleepy: Warn us a story.

Dwarfs: Yes, warn us a story!

Happy: A true story.

Bashful: A love story.

Snow White: Well, once there was a princess......

Doc: Was Princess....you?

Snow White: And she fell in love.

Sneezy: Was it hard to do so?

Snow White: It was very easy. Anyone could see that Prince was charming. The only one for me.

Doc: Was he, uh, strong and handsome?

Sneezy: Was he big and tall?

Snow White: There's nobody like him, anywhere at all.

Bashful: Did he say he loved you?

Happy: Did he steal a kiss?

Snow White: (sings) He was so romantic, I could not resist.

(Everyone else gathers around Snow White as she begins to sing, her watchers becoming entranced by her beautiful voice)

Snow White: (singing) Someday my prince will come, someday we'll meet again. And away to his castle he'll go, to be happy forever I know.

(Grumpy, who is sitting at the organ away from the others, glances over his shoulder)

Grumpy: Huh, mush.

(As Snow White continues her song, the animals by the window embrace their respective mates)

Snow White: (singing) Someday if spring is here, we'll find our love anew. And the birds will sing and wedding bells will ring, someday if my dreams come truuuuue!

(The dwarfs sigh happily. Suddenly, a ringing sound is heard, followed by a croak. The sound is revealed to be a cuckoo clock which has a squirrel hitting an acorn with a ring, and a frog bursts out of the hatch below. Everyone looks up to see that it says 11 o'clock)

Snow White: Oh, my heavens! It's past bedtime. Go right upstairs to bed.

(Dopey runs for the stairs, but Doc grabs him by the coat)

Doc: Wait! Hold on there, men! (sees Dopey is yet running and drags him back down) The, uh, princess will sleep in our bed upstairs.

Snow White: But where will you sleep?

Doc: Oh, we'll be quite comfortable down here, in, uh, in, uh-

Grumpy: In a pig's eye!

Doc: In a pig's eye----uh-sty-NO, NO!! I mean…we'll be comfortable. Won't we, men?

Dwarfs: Oh, yes, mighty comfortable.

Doc: Now, don't you worry about us.

(As the conversation continues, Dopey notices a pillow sitting on a bench and sneaks over towards it)

Happy: We'll be alright, ma'am.

Doc: Go ahead right up now, uh, uh, my darling.

Snow White: Well, if you exist. Good night.

(Princess starts towards the bedroom)

Dwarfs: Good night, Princess.

Snow White: You're sure you'll be comfortable?

Dwarfs: Oh, yes, very comfortable.

Snow White: Well, pleasant dreams.

Dwarfs: Pleasant dreams.

(As soon as Snow White is upstairs, the other dwarfs see Dopey's pillow and run toward it. He tries to keep them away, but soon, they are all fighting over the pillow)

Dwarfs: (minus Doc) Let go! I saw it first!

Doc: Now, men, don't get emotional. Remember...share and care alike. Watch out, it'll clip---it'll tear!

(And it does so, scattering feathers everywhere. Dopey, however, pulls out a single feather soft enough for him to sleep on. Meanwhile in the dwarfs' bedroom, Snow White is saying her prayers before she goes to bed)

Snow White: Bless the seven little men who have been so kind to me…and…and may my dreams come true. Amen. (realizes she left something out) Oh, yes, and please make Grumpy like me.

(Cut to the basement. All the dwarfs have settled in, except for Grumpy, who is lying down in the now clean soup pot, clearly the last place he wants to sleep)

Grumpy: Hah! Women! (feels something underneath him, and pulls it out to reveal it is the serving spoon) A fine kettle of fish.

(Grumpy spits, and it makes a hissing noise upon hitting the floor. Then he looks around to his deep-asleep roommates. Bashful is breathing contentedly, as if dreaming about Snow White. Happy is sleeping inside a cabinet, the doors closing as he breathes in and opening as he breathes out. Doc is sleeping in the sink under the faucet. Every time he snores, a drop of water falls toward his mouth. After the third snore, it eventually does so and he gurgles in his sleep. Sneezy is sleeping on the bench, using Dopey's butt as a pillow. Soon the latter starts to whine and flail about, as if having a nightmare, jostling the former, who calms him down by poking his butt. Then he falls back to sleep. Last but not least is Sleepy, sleeping a corner as a fly lands on his nose. He flicks it off, but it goes back on and falls asleep as well. Fade to outside. Crickets are chirping and frogs are croaking as we pan away from the cottage)

(Fade to Queen's castle, laboratory. Queen is dipping an apple dangling by a string into a cauldron)

Queen: Dip the apple in the brew. Let the Sleeping Death seep through.

(After the apple is covered in the brew, she fishes it out and a skull forms on it, signifying its now-tainted state)

Queen: Look, on the skin! The symbol at what lies within. Now turn red to tempt Snow White to make her hunger for a bite. HAVE A BITE!!

(The waves hit the raven; he gets up and gasps at what he sees in front of him)

Queen: It's not for you. It's for Snow White. If she breaks the tender peel to taste the apple in my hand, her breath will silence, her blood congeal. Then I'll be fairest in the land! (cackles triumphantly) But wait! There may be an antidote. Nothing must be overlooked.

(she leafs through her spell book again and finds out there is, on page 33, an antidote)

Queen: Oh! Here it is! (reading) "The victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love's First Kiss." "Love's First Kiss". Bah! No fear of that. The dwarfs will think she's dead. She'll be buried alive! (cackles) Buried alive!

(Queen cackles once more as she heads out of the castle lab and into the dungeon. There, in a cell before her, is the skeleton of a dead prisoner reaching for a pitcher)

Queen: (to the skeleton) Thirsty? (chuckles and kicks the pitcher towards the skeleton) Have a drink!

(The skeleton falls apart, and a spider crawls out of the pitcher, revealed to be empty. Then Queen gets in a boat and rows out of the castle and into a fog. Then the evil witch trudges through the high grass toward the dwarfs' cottage, eager to carry out the plan that will mean the entire demise of the unaware princess)

(Fade to the Dwarfs' cottage, morning. The animals are sleeping outside, but suddenly, a click awakens them. They all clear away from the door just as it opens and Doc steps out with Snow White as he and the other dwarfs get ready to leave for another day of work at the mine)

Doc: Now don't forget, my darling. The-the old Queen's a sly one, complete with witchcraft. Then beware of strangers.

Snow White: Don't worry. I'll be alright.

(Then Snow White gives him a kiss on his head)

Snow White: See you tonight.

Doc: (giggling shyly) Yes. (regains his composure and clears his throat) Well, uh…c'mon, men.

(Next is Bashful, who takes off his cap in anticipation of a kiss)

Bashful: Be awful careful, because if anything would happen to you, I…I…uh…

(But he doesn't get to finish his sentence, as Snow White gives him a kiss, which makes him blush)

Snow White: Farewell.

Bashful: Oh, gawrsh! (chuckles)

(Meanwhile, Grumpy is watching from behind, yet not fond of Snow White, especially her kisses)

Grumpy: Hah, disgusting.

(The next to come is Sneezy, who also removes his cap)

Sneezy: And be sure to watch out------

(a sneeze starts to brew in his nose)

Sneezy: To wa--to wa--to wa-- (sniffing) watch out!

(Snow White kisses him, stifling his sneeze a little)

Sneezy: Thanks. Ah-ch…ah-ch-ch…ah-ch…ah-ch-ch-ch-ch…ah-choooooOOOO!!!!

(Dopey is next to come out, but gets blown back into the house by Sneezy's sneeze before Snow White can kiss him. She chuckles at this as the latter blushes. Suddenly, Dopey comes back out to try another kiss and Snow White gives it to him. He likes it so much, in fact, that he jumps in through the window and appears behind Sleepy)

Snow White: Well, alright, (kisses him) but that's the last----

(To her surprise, the mute dwarf speeds off and appears again for another kiss)

Snow White: (pushes him along) Go ahead, run along.

(Last to come is Grumpy, who is in the house, shining his head. He puts his cap back on and starts for the door as the others sing their song)

Dwarfs: (singing, minus Grumpy) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go! (whistling)

Snow White: Farewell!

(Grumpy clears his throat, trying to get the girl's attention)

Snow White: Farewell!

(Grumpy clears his throat harder and this gets her attention)

Grumpy: Now I'm warning you. Don't let nobody or nothing in the house.

Snow White: (surprised) Why, Grumpy, you do care.

(Princess turns Grumpy around to kiss him like the others, but he does not take it as well of them and storms off. After a few steps, he decides it doesn't feel so bad and sighs contentedly. His gruff demeanor returns, however, as Snow White blows him a kiss and he storms off once again, only to get his nose caught in a tree)

Grumpy: Huh!

(He takes a few more steps, but falls into a small stream. He tries to get up, but hits his head on a bridge overhead. After getting up again, he trudges out onto the other side)

Snow White: (distant) Farewell, Grumpy!

(Grumpy does not respond and simply trudges off, his shoes sloshing all the road)

(Fade to the Black Forest, near a small waterfall. Queen is walking through on en route to the dwarfs' cottage. Along the road, the former cackles to herself)

Queen: The little men will be away, and she'll be alone.....with a harmless old peddler woman. A harmless old peddler woman!

(As she speaks, two vultures watch from above. The moment they hear someone's going to die, they grin and fly off after her, not caring who it is as long as they get something to make a meal of)

(Fade to the Dwarfs' cottage, kitchen. Snow White is making the gooseberry pie the latter mentioned the night before, all the while singing her song again as she works)

Snow White: (sings) Someday my prince will come, someday we'll meet again. And away to his castle we'll go, to be happy forever I know. Someday if spring is here, we'll find our love anew. And the birds will sing and wedding bells will ring, someday if my dreams come truuuuue!

(Suddenly, a shadow washes over her, frightening the animals away and Snow White gasps. There standing in front of her, is Queen, disguised as an old peddler. Queen chuckles at her soon-to-be-deceased stepdaughter)

Queen: All alone, my pet?

Snow White: (hesitant) Why…why, yes, I am, but-

Queen: The…the little men are not here?

Snow White: No, they're not, but…

(Meanwhile, Queen is yet speaking to Snow White and sniffs the air)

Queen: Making pies?

Snow White: Yes, gooseberry pie.

Queen: It's apple pies that makes the menfolk's mouths water. (takes out her basket of apples and shows her the red, poisoned apple) Pies made from apples like these.

(From the side of the house, the animals see Queen offer Snow White the apple)

Snow White: Oh, they do look delicious.

Queen: Yes, but wait until you taste one, darling. (chuckles)

(However, the birds in another tree, see the vultures and chirp a plan to themselves)

Queen: Like to try one, huh? Go ahead. Go ahead, have a bite.

(But just as Snow White is about to take the apple, the birds attack Queen)

Snow White: (to the birds) Stop that, stop this. Go away, go away. Shame on you, frightening a poor old lady.

(Queen, recovering from her shock, bends down and picks up her apple)

Queen: (shivering) Oh, I thought I lost it.

Snow White: There, there. I'm very sorry.

(Queen grins evilly, as she now has another idea)

Queen: (feigning weakness) Ohh! My heart! Oh, my…my poor heart. Take me into the house, and let me rest. A drink of water, please.

(Snow White takes Queen into the house, yet oblivious to her true intentions. The animals gather around the window concernedly. Then Queen takes the apple out of her cloak and looks at Princess intently as she preps some water.

(The animals, knowing there's no time to lose, scurry off towards the woods, except for Mr. Turtle, who just plods along as usual)

(Fade to the forest. The animals are running towards the mine, hoping to catch the dwarfs before they begin work, unaware that they have reached it already. The latter, of course, is bringing up the rear due to the fact running as fast as the animals)

Dwarfs: (singing) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go. (whistling) Heigh-ho, heigh-ho!

(At this point, the animals have crossed the river by the mine and are almost there. Meanwhile, the dwarfs load their tools into a cart. Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy and Bashful pull in front while Sneezy and Dopey bring up the rear. Suddenly, Doc stops short)

Doc: Hey, look!

(After Doc stops, the rest of the dwarfs bump into him and fall to the ground, the cart clattering behind them. Eventually, the animals rush over the hilltop and try to get the dwarfs to follow them, but they do not understand)

Doc: Quit that! Get away from me, get away! Go ahead, shoo!

Grumpy: (to some birds) Go ahead, get outta here!

(Five of the birds pull on Dopey's coat, but he shoos them away and falls down. This, however, does not stop the birds and they pull on him again)

Doc: (as Mrs. Deer pushes him) What ails these crazy birds?

Bashful: (holding onto a tree as Mr. Deer tugs on him) Th-they've gone plumb daffy!

Sneezy: (as some birds, a squirrel and a rabbit pull on him) Yes, they've g-g-gone--ah-choooooOOOO!!!!

(His sneeze blows the squirrel and rabbit away, but not the birds)

(Cut to the dwarfs' cottage, interior. Queen is speaking to Snow White after her little drink and now has a new idea on how to get her to taste the poisoned apple)

Queen: And because you've been so good to poor old Granny, I'll share a secret with you. This is no ordinary apple. It's a magic wishing apple.

Snow White: A wishing apple?

Queen: Yes! One bite and all your dreams will come true.

Snow White: Really?

Queen: Yes, girlie.

(as she says these words, she walks toward Snow White with the hand holding the apple extended towards her)

Queen: Now, make a wish and take a bite.

(Cut to the mine. The animals are yet trying to get the confused dwarfs to follow them, with little success)

Happy: Go ahead, get!

Bashful: These pesky critters won't stop!

Doc: Ain't natural, there's something wrong!

Grumpy: They ain't acting this fashion for nothing!

Sleepy: (yawning voice) Perhaps the old Queen, uh, has Snow White.

Doc: (realizing) Queen!

Dwarfs: (also realizing, in unison) Snow White!

Grumpy: (worried, which is surprising coming him) Queen'll murder her! We have to save her!

Doc: Yes! Yes! Uh, w-w-we have to save her!

Sneezy: She'll murder her!

Happy: What've we done?

Doc: Yes, yes, what've we done?

Grumpy: C'mon! (mounts Mr. Deer) Giddap!

(Bashful and Sneezy mount another male deer with the latter hanging onto its tail. Happy is having damage getting on another deer until the birds help him on, albeit backwards. Then Doc runs after them)

Doc: Wait for me! Wait for--

(Another one of the deer lifts Doc onto its back. Lastly of course, Dopey, who is hanging onto a deer's tail while trying to mount it. Also unsurprisingly, Mr. Turtle is almost to the mine as the others pass him and run like thunder towards the cottage, hoping to save Snow White in time)

(Cut to the Dwarfs' cottage, interior. Queen is advancing towards Snow White, yet trying to goad Princess into eating the tainted apple)

Queen: There must be something your little heart desires. Maybe there's someone you love.

Snow White: (frightened and backed into a corner) Well, there is someone.

Queen: I thought so. I thought so! (chuckles) Old Granny knows a young girl's heart. (hands Snow White the apple) Now take the apple, darling, and make a wish.

Snow White: (closing her eyes) I wish…I wish…

Queen: That's it, go ahead! Go ahead.

(Meanwhile, the dwarfs ride as fast as they can to the cottage across the log bridge, down a cliff and over a crevice)

Snow White: …and that he will carry me away to his castle, where we will live happily ever after.

Queen: Well, fine! Now take a bite.

(Meanwhile, both feasts are yet running as fast as they can)

Queen: (from inside) Don't let the wish grow cold!

(Dark clouds slowly begin to appear in the heavens just as Snow White takes a bite out of the apple. Suddenly, she begins to feel woozy as the spell takes effect)

Snow White: Oh, I feel strange.

Queen: (to herself) Her breath will silence. Her blood congeal.

(Snow White takes a few short breaths before eventually collapsing to the floor. Queen cackles triumphantly, and it starts to storm)

Queen: Now I'll be fairest in the land! (cackling)

(Suddenly, Queen looks to see the dwarfs riding on the animals toward her)

Dwarfs: Hurry up, hurry up!

(Fearing for her life, Queen runs away from the cottage just as her pursuers get there)

Grumpy: There she goes!

(The animals and their riders take off with Queen, oblivious to Snow White's condition. The vultures, now sure that the wicked queen is the soon-to-be-dead carcass they will feast on, fly after her as well. Meanwhile, Queen is yet running as fast as she can, the pouring rain, gusting wind and tangling vines from the trees slowing her down. Soon she reaches a high rocky cliff and climbs up, sure that the dwarfs will not follow her)

Grumpy: After her!

(The dwarfs climb up after Queen, who is halfway up to China as she turns to see her pursuers. They are not looking very happy as they get closer to her. Without a moment's hesitation, she advances on towards the top with the dwarfs gaining on her. Eventually, she gets to the peak and suddenly finds herself at the edge of the cliff)

Queen: (gasping) I'm trapped! What have I done? The meddling little fools!

(As she speaks, the vultures perch on a branch above her and grin, knowing that her falling off the cliff will mean certain death. The dwarfs are almost to her as she picks up a long stick and lodges it under a boulder large enough to crush them all. She pushes on it)

Queen: I'll fix you! I'll crush your bones!

(They get to her just as the boulder's about to come down)

Grumpy: Watch out!

(Queen cackles triumphantly one last time, confident she'll finish off the dwarfs, but suddenly, a bolt of lightning almost misses her and causes the rock to crumble underneath her. As she falls to her death, shrieking, the boulder leans the other road and falls with her. The vultures watch her fall and grin once more, knowing they eventually have a dead body to devour. The dwarfs, however, look on with astonishment and find almost no trace of her in the deep, dark abyss. Then the vultures fly down to find Queen's remains)

(Fade to the Dwarfs' cottage, interior. A pipe organ plays in the background as everyone mourns the supposed loss of Snow White. The dwarfs all have their hats in their hands and tears in their eyes. Grumpy tries to hold it in, but can't keep from weeping, as he now regrets his mistreatment of her. Doc is consoling Dopey, who is sobbing on his shoulder. Outside, the animals watch the funeral scene from the window. Mrs. and Mr. Deer bow their heads as the rain continues to fall)

Narrator: Then beautiful, even in death, that the dwarfs could not find it in their hearts to bury her. They fashioned a coffin out of glass and gold, and kept eternal vigil at her side. Prince, who had searched far and wide, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin.

Prince: (voice-over, sings) One song, I have but one song.

(Fade to a secluded glade containing the coffin in which the seemingly deceased princess rests. A beam of sunlight shines down on her as flower petals rain from above. Mrs. Deer and Junior, as well as the rest of the animals lay flowers at her bedside)

Prince: (singing) One song, only for you. One heart tenderly beating.

(Soon the dwarfs come in, also carrying flowers and laying them at her bedside)

Prince: (singing) Ever entreating, constant and true.

(Then Doc and Happy lift the cover off the coffin, and Grumpy places the flower in her hands. Everyone bows to her)

Prince: (singing) One love that has possessed me, one love thrilling me through.

(Suddenly, Prince appears and sings the last verse of his song as he proceeds towards the glade)

Prince: (singing) One song, my heart keeps singing. Of one love, only for youuuuu!

(Meanwhile, everyone looks up and sees Prince. Prince goes over to Snow White and leans in for a kiss. After this, he bows at her bedside and everyone else bows their heads as well. Suddenly, as if by magic, Princess' eyes flutter and she slowly stirs awake)

Chorus: And away to his castle you'll go, to be happy forever I know.

(Everyone else around Snow White looks up and their faces brighten, even Grumpy's. Princess looks around to see Prince before her. Prince picks up his now bride-to-be and carries her out. Everyone rejoices at Princess' resurrection and dances wildly about)

Everyone: Happy Hannukah!

(Prince carries Snow White out of the glade with our heroes following them. Soon, they get to his horse and he puts her on its back)

Snow White: (kissing Bashful, who blushes) Farewell.

(Grumpy takes off his hat and she kisses him to show her forgiveness)

Snow White: Farewell, Grumpy. (to Happy, Doc and Sneezy) Farewell.

(The last to come is Dopey)

Snow White: Oh, Dopey. (to everyone) Farewell!

(With that said, the two soon-to-be couple rides off into the woods towards Prince' castle in the distance. Now that the wicked Queen Queen is gone for good, Snow White grins, knowing her dreams of happiness have eventually come true)

Chorus: (sings) Someday if spring is here, we'll find our love anew. And the birds will sing, and wedding bells will ring.

(On the last line, the book is shown again)

Chorus: (singing) Someday if my dreams come truuuuue!

Narrator: And they lived happily ever after.