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The Stabbington Brothers are the secondary antagonists of the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Tangled.

Disney History[]


The Stabbington Brothers are first seen with Flynn Rider heading for Corona Castle to steal a royal crown that belongs to the missing princess. The brothers hoist Flynn down with a rope to retrieve it. The three obtain it successfully, but the guards rush for them, and a chase begins. When the thieves become blocked by a tall cliff, the brothers will only lift Flynn up first if they have the satchel that holds the crown. Although they had the satchel, Flynn abandons them by snatching the satchel from under their noses then sprints off, much to their anger. Stranded, the brothers are arrested but roam along with the guards as prisoners in chains. While at The Snuggly Duckling where Flynn and his new allies, Rapunzel and Pascal, are located, the two escape and attempt to catch Flynn. However, they are overwhelmed by the collapsing river water built up by a dam, which is destroyed accidentally by Maximus, who also attempted to apprehend Flynn.

They survive the chaos, exiting the Pub's secret passage. The two stumble upon a woman, Mother Gothel. She strikes a deal with the two and reveals the secret of Rapunzel's hair, which they find more valuable than the crown.

After Rapunzel and Flynn enjoy a romantic evening watching the lanterns, Flynn spots the brothers and brings the satchel to them, hoping that they will leave Rapunzel and him in peace. The brothers, however, point out to Flynn that they are aware of Rapunzel's hair, and want her instead of the crown. The brothers render Flynn unconscious and tie him up to their boat, pushing it back into the sea to sail back towards the kingdom. Cleverly, through Mother Gothel's commands, the brothers make it seem as if Flynn was escaping with the crown. This tricks Rapunzel into believing he abandoned her, trading her and her magic hair for the crown.

The brothers confront Rapunzel and tell her just that, breaking the girl's heart. They prepare to kidnap her, planning to use her magic hair to make a fortune. However, Mother Gothel betrays them and knocks the duo out with a branch. She pretends to rescue Rapunzel and tricks her into returning to the tower in the forest. Off-screen, the brothers are arrested and taken to the prisons along with Flynn. They are last seen in their prison cell as Flynn is being escorted to his execution (he was sentenced to death for knocking out 4 of the guards). In fury, Flynn grabs one of them and demands to know what happened to Rapunzel and how they knew about her hair. They fearfully tell Flynn that an old lady told them, making him realize the malevolence of Rapunzel's "mother" and she is in danger. They aren't seen for the remainder of the film. Possibly, they must’ve redeemed themselves after Mother Gothel’s death.