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Star Butterfly is the protagonist of Disney animated television series, Star vs the Forces of Evil. She is voiced by Eden Sher.


Star Butterfly is a girl with blond hair and blue eyes with two hearts on her cheeks. She usually wears a red devil headband and has worn several different outfits during the animation. For example, she wears her most iconic princess outfit, including a elegant blue dress with puffy light blue sleeves with dark blue strings around them, a medium blue vest with a darker blue trim and gold buttons, a blue puffy skirt with light blue ornaments and two strings with several hearts, a gold tiara, white tight socks and a pair of very shiny black shoes with light blue puffs on the toes.


Star is energetic, friendly and a little rebellious. She loves having fun, and she usually has an optimistic outlook on life. She loves to help others and whenever she sees that someone is upset, she does her best to cheer them up.

Sometimes she can be stubborn and pessimistic. When she has to deal with serious things like monsters trying to get her wand she still has her fun personality but sometimes she can act in a more serious and mature way.

Disney Story[]

Star vs the Forces of Evil[]

Star is shown as a lively and rebellious girl who, after not knowing how to control the powers of her wand, goes on exchanges on Earth and begins to live with Marco Diaz who becomes her partner and future boyfriend. She until the end of the first season proved to be a little stubborn and a little childish but when Marco is kidnapped by Toffee she starts to act in a more serious way to save his friend. Then at the beginning of the second season she continues to be childish, rebellious and fun but starts to soften. In the third season it remains a little childish but more mature and in the fourth season it becomes totally mature and not very childish but remains rebellious.


  • "End Credit Theme Song"
  • "Marco's Super Awesome Nachos"
  • "Marco's Emergency Cash Stash"
  • "Happy Birthday On Your Birthday Day"
  • "Little Mewni Rabbit"



  • At the beginning of the series, Star is 14 years old. As of "Stump Day", she is 15.
  • Star herself has confirmed in "Mewnipendance Day" that she and the other people from Mewni are not humans. Rather, they are a humanoid species called "Mewmans".
  • In earlier conceptual versions of the series, Star was a grade school student who didn't have magical powers but believed she did. After someone suggested that she make Star older and have real magical powers, Daron Nefcy changed her into a princess from a different dimension.
  • In an early concept of Star, she had a pet cat named Cashew.