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Ariel: (singing) You are my world, my darling. What a wonderful world I see. You are the song I'm singing. You're my beautiful Melody.

Eric: (singing) Darling, we'd better be going

Ariel: (singing) Look at her, Isn't she glowing

Eric: (singing) She looks divine and you look exquisite But look at the time

Ariel: Couldn't be, Is it? The crew is awaiting your orders We're sailing away from our borders - Steady, boy, steady.

- Ahoy there! They're coming!

Trumpeters ready!

Drummers, start drumming!

Ariel: Down to the sea we go

Down to a world I know

There's never been not ever before

A child born of sea and shore

Down to the sea we go

Down to the world below

Ajourney to bless a princess-to-be

Under the sun And under the sea

- Ariel's coming

- Ariel's coming? - Ariel's coming

- Ariel's coming? - Ariel's coming?

- Ariel's coming?

- Ariel's coming

- Ariel's coming

- Ariel's coming

- Ariel's coming

- Ariel's coming

- Ariel's coming

What's all the big commotion

that's spreading through the ocean

From sea to shining sea

Dere is no hesitating

Today we celebrating

Ariel's Melody


Today when Triton's daughter

comes back here to de water

We gonna have a spree


De boat is nearer now

I think I hear her now

Ariel's Melody

La-da, da-da, di-da-da

- La-da, da-da, di-da-da

- Ohh-oh

- La-da-di-daaah

- Yeah

- La, la-da, di-da-da

- La-la-la

- La-da, di-da-da

- La-la-la

- La-la, la-la-la

Up from the sea we rise

Up to the world of skies

There's never been

not ever before

A child born

of sea and shore

Up from the sea we rise

Up to the world of skies

Forever to be

together as one

Under the sea

and under the sun

This is your world

my darling

One world

The land and sea

My hope for you

for always

Is that your heart

will hold part of me

Down to the sea we go

- Up from the sea

- Down to the world below

Together we come

forever to be

Under one sun

The land and the sea

Triton: My precious Melody...I'm giving you this locket so that you will never forget that part of your heart.. will always belong to the sea.


- A party!

- Ursula's crazy sister!

I didn't miss the cake and ice cream, did I?


Surrender the baby, or I'll...

Ursula would have simply

loved to have come...

but something came up.

Now-Now, what was it?

Oh, yes.

You all shish-kebabbed her!

One minute you're on top, the next you're sushi. Now, is that fair, gramps?

I ask you.

But then, whoever said we had to play fair?

Oh, Undertow!

Make way, little mershrimp!

I'm comin' through!

Now hand over the trident, or your precious granddaughter...

will be shark chow!

You can have

anything you want.

Just don't harm

little Melody.

Well, well.

I get the trident...

avenge poor,

unfortunate Ursula...

and gain all the powers

of the ocean!

And it's not even : .

Not a bad morning.

Hit the deck!


What have you done to me?

Look at me!

I'm an anchovy!

This isn't the end, Triton!

It's just the beginning!

After her!

You'll never find me,

but I'll find you...

and your precious granddaughter!

Triton: We shall not rest until that mad woman is vanquished. Find her!! Find her!! [Lightning is strucked in the sky as an order and Morgana is nowhere to be found. Flounder and Sebastian are with Triton at the castle about Morgana's disappearence with terrible news] I'm sorry. There is no sign of her, she's vanished. [Ariel is worried and Melody crawls to the sea] We'll keep trying, we'll--
Ariel: Sweetie no. [She pulls Melody out of the water] Oh, we've got to keep Melody away from her. Until Morgana is found, Melody can't go into sea. And neither will I.
Flounder: But, Ariel.
Ariel: I'm sorry, Flounder. But if Morgana is anything like Ursula, she'll never give up. This is the only way; Melody can't know about Merpeople or Atlantica, or even you, Daddy.
Triton: [Defeated] Very well, Ariel, you're right. [turns to Sebastian] Sebastian, you will watch over her.
Sebastian: Me? [fainting] Aww!



Oh, Carlotta,

have you seen Melody?

Not since this morning,

Your Majesty.

Louis, Melody's not in here,

is she?

No, Your Highness,

but her birthday cake is.

Twelve petite candles.

Whoo-eee! This is gonna be

some kind of shindig.

Yes, sir, a real swanky soiree,

as they say.

There's just one thing missin':

The guest of honour!

"Sebastian, you watch

over her," he said.

I'm too old for this!

A crab my age should be retired,

getting a tan...

playing sea golf...

sipping a tuna colada!

Not baby-sitting

another teenager.


Melody: Hey, Scuttle! Hey, Sebastian! What's kickin'?
Scuttle: Uh, what's kickin'? Hmm... let me see. [knocks himself on the head] Don't rush me!
Sebastian: Ha! You know perfectly well what's kicking! Now, come along. You gonna be late for the...


Melody: Sorry, Sebastian.
Sebastian: Melody, child, how many times do I have to tell you?
Melody and Sebastian: It is expressly forbidden for you to be swimming beyond the safety of the sea wall.
Melody: [continuing to imitate him] Any such swimmin' is a reckless disregard of da rules. Don't ya know?
[They are silent for a moment.]
Sebastian: ...Stop dat.
Melody: Oh, Sebastian, I can't help it. I just love the sea!

Sebastian: Hey! Come back here! You're just like... like your mother.

Hi, Melody.

[Morgana messes around with a spell for Undertow while Cloak and Dagger watch]
Morgana: Ooh-Ooh-Hoo-Hoo, Trust me. This time I'm sure I've got it right.
Undertow: Yeah, that's what you said last time, and I was sore for a week.
Morgana: Oh stop your carping and stand still.
Undertow: [whimpering] Oh, this is gonna hurt.
[Morgana casts the spell and a green lightning bolt hits Undertow. He starts getting bigger]
Morgana: Yes. Yes. YES!
Undertow: Uh-Oh. [The spell backfires, making Undertow small again] Uh.
Morgana: [Frustrated] Huh. [She throws another bottle into the cauldron and Undertow is turned into an unidentifiable gray fish].
Undertow: Uh. [Morgana gets frustrated and and throws in more bottles, turning Undertow into something weird each time until he's back to being small] Ulp.
[Cloak and Dagger laugh and snicker at Undertow]
Morgana: Oh. It's just no use. The power of the trident is just too strong for me to overcome.
Undertow: [Under his breath] I bet Ursula could've done it.
Morgana: What, was that, you said?
Undertow: Nothing, I'm just saying. [Morgana throws a vial at him but misses]
Morgana: Stop, criticizing me! That's all my mother ever did was criticize me. It was always, "Ursula this" or, "Ursula that" or, "Morgana, why can't you be more like your sister URSULA?!"
[Morgana hurls a starfish like a dart at a picture of Ursula]
Undertow: Well, it's not Ursula's fault I got miniturized. It's yours!
Morgana: Is not.
Undertow: Your fault we had to hide out here for TWELVE FROST-BITTEN YEARS!
Morgana: Is not!
Morgana: You're really pushing it, Small-Fry.

- It's the locket!

- It's the locket!

This is just the kind of

break in the ice we've been waiting for.

When Ariel's

innocent little daughter...

uncovers the secret

of that locket...

she's going to have

lots of questions.

And who'll be right there

with all the answers?

- We will.

- Exactly!

She'll be the perfect tool

for Triton's undoing.

And I'll get to be big again.

Finally I'll succeed at

the one thing my sister never could.

- Really, really big again!

- Total domination of the seas!

I'll be huge!

Melody, please.

If your mother ever found out

you'd been swimming out here...

I know, I know.

She'd flip.

I had a thought here.

Now, where'd it go?

Hey, Sebastian...

what's my mom

got against the ocean anyway?

I mean, how could there be

anything wrong with something so...


You know what?

Sometimes I even pretend

I have fins.

I wish I could

tell my mom how I feel.

But she'd never understand.

I can talk to crabs,

but not to her.

Wait a minute.

It just hit me.

How 'bout you tell Ariel...

how you really feel?

Oh, yes, by all means.

Just waltz right in

and tell her you been out here...

swimming in the ocean!

- We could all just have a big party.

- The party!

Say, that reminds me

of somethin'.

- Whoa!

- Oh, Your-Your Highness.

Sorry. My fault.

I gotta go. Can't go to

the party without shoes.

If you ask me,

she's a little strange.

I heard she actually

talks to fish.

It should make for

an interesting party.

I miss you, Daddy.

I wish you could

be here with us.


What are you doing?

Uh, nothing.

L-I'll be right up!


I'm ready.

Here. Let me help.

Eric: So, we're having a bad hair day.
Ariel: If we were, you wouldn't be helping, would you?
Eric: Well I'm just here to let you know, there are a lot of people downstairs.
Ariel: Oh we'll be right down. Give us two minutes.
Eric: Right, two... Where have I heard that before?

Mom, put down the brush.

It's hopeless.

Oh. You look beautiful.

Do I have to do this?

Everybody thinks I'm weird.

Oh, honey, everyone has trouble

fitting in at your age.

I know I did.

I was a regular

fish out of water.

You? No way.

I'm just so afraid I'm gonna

make a total fool of myself.

Melody, this isn't

just about the party...

is it?

Is there something

you want to talk about?

You know you can always

tell me anything.

Well, okay.

I mean, it's kind of crazy

and sort of impossible.

Now, don't freak,

but what I dream about...

more than anything

in the whole world...

How's it coming?

Oh, Melody.

Is that you?

You look beautiful.

He's right.

Now, we'll talk later.

You're going to have a wonderful

time tonight. Trust me.

May I present

Her Royal Highness...

Princess Melody.

Oh, yeah. Mom's right.

I can do this.

Um, hi.

Would you like to dance?

Go on.

Sure. Okay.

- Oh, no!

- That's it.

I'm booking meself

on a cruise.

- I'm so sorry.

- Well, I should say!

- Are you okay, Sebastian?

- So.

Who is she talking to?

She's talking to a crab!



You're going

in ze bouillabaisse!

No, Louis!

You don't wanna do this, man!

I'm old!

I'm not tender any more!



Death to the crab!

Oh, Louis!

Ariel: Oh, sweetheart. I'm so sorry.
Melody: [crying] What's wrong with me?
Ariel: Oh, nothing's wrong with you.
Melody: Mom, I'm the princess of disaster!
Ariel: Being a teenager is hard, and, uh, all kids your age feel... awkward, and...
Melody: [looking at her locket] "Melody?" What is this? My name's on here. [Melody opens the locket and a lullaby plays] That song. Where have I heard it? It's Atlantica, with merpeople and everything. Mother, you always said it was just an old fish tale.
Ariel: [snaps the locket shut] Where did you get this?
Melody: I-- I found it.
Ariel: [upset] You went over the wall, didn't you?
Melody: Actually, I went under it. I HATE that stupid wall.
Ariel: Melody, you know you're not allowed in the sea!
Melody: But why? And why does that necklace have my name on it?
Ariel: Melody, listen to me.
Melody: You're hiding something from me.
Ariel: You deliberately disobeyed me! I never want you going out there again. Do you hear me? It's dangerous in the sea!
Melody: How would you know? You've never even been in it! [rushes out in tears]

M-Melody, l...

Oh, no.

Ariel, darling...

we knew this day would come.

Oh, Eric.

You're right. It's time

I trusted her with the truth.

Oh, now, child,

it's gonna be okay.

You know, when I was a teenager...

you couldn't get me

out of my shell for nothin'.

I had this high,

squeaky voice...

and these itty-bitty

little pincers.

And then one day, boom!

I sound like Caruso...

and these whoppers pop out!

Young lady, just where

do you think you're going?

Melody: I've gotta figure this out. This necklace means something...and if no one's gonna tell me...I'm gonna find out myself.

Melody, please!

You're making a big mistake!

Oh, this is delicious.

This is divine!

Let's go, flatsos.

Hurry, Undertow.

There's a little girl out there

who needs our help.

Alright, Sebastian. You must remain calm. Dis is NOT your fault. All you have to do is go in there and calmly explain that Melody has run away. No reason to lose your head. Whatever you do, you abso-tively, posi-tutely, must. Not. Panic.

- Melody!

[Hears Ariel call Melody] WAH!!! MELODY'S GONE, MELODY'S GONE, MELODY'S GONE!!!!

- Sebastian? Well,

what are you doing here?

All my fault!

I tried to stop her!

I don't deserve to live!

Gone? Gone where?

Out. Out to the sea.

What do you mean?

Where could she be going?

Undertow: To Morgana's.

And she can tell me what this locket

means, why it has my name on it?

Oh, sure, kid.

Morgana's the best.

She'll help ya.

Okay. Then let's go.

Angel face,

meet the one and only...


Oh, welcome, my precious.

Oh, don't be shy.

Come in.

Come in out of the cold.

Sit, sit.

Put your feet up.

Hungry? Afraid all I have

is a cold plate.

Smelt-cicle? Kelp chip?

Hush guppy?

Uh, no, thank you.

I was hoping you could

tell me about this pendant...

why it has my name on it.

My mother wouldn't tell me.

She just doesn't understand.

Oh, you're not the only one with

a mother who doesn't understand you.

Believe me,

I know just how you feel.

Dear child,

did you ever consider...

that it has

your name on it...

because it has

your destiny in it?

Oh, deep down...

you know you weren't

meant to be a lowly human.

What you are is something...

far more enchanting.

Melody: A mermaid? But it's not possible.
Morgana: Darling, anything's possible.

You can turn me into a mermaid?

Piece of fish cake, honey.

Lots of luck.

Ursula's magic?

Where'd you get that?

I've been saving it

for a special occasion.

One drop of this and,

bada-bing, bada-boom!

You're in fin city! Whee!

- Really?

- Come, my darling.

Your destiny awaits you.

Melody: I don't believe it!

I'm a mermaid.

Say it loud, say it proud!

I'm a mermaid!

You had this all along.

You coulda changed me back.

Why, I oughta...

Keep your scales on,

small fry.

I'm still reeling her in.

Oh, Daddy, I'm so worried.

Everything's going to be

all right, Ariel.

We have search parties

scouring the ocean.

I'm going to join them now myself.

- Ariel, maybe you should go with him.

- But, Eric...

I need to stay here

and lead the search on land.

But you know these waters...

and you know our daughter.

- You have to go.

- It may be dangerous.

Eric's right, Daddy.

I should have known I couldn't keep

Melody from the sea. It's a part of her.

And a part of me.

I have to go.

Bring her home.

What a totally cool feeling!

Oh, excuse me.

I'm so sorry, ma'am.

Melody: Okay, get a grip

Get the hang of this flipper

It's like slipping two feet

into one big, huge slipper

This way is left

Which way is right

Oh, now I'll be circling

in circles all night

Oh, so this is forward

No problem

I can't believe

I can do this and more

To swim in the sea

like I walk on the shore

Out of my shell

Not closed up like a clam

Look out, sea

This is me

Here I am

For a moment

all of me Is alive and at home in the sea

I'm swirling and twirling

so graceful and grand

Not stubbing my toes

Getting stuck in the sand

For a moment

life is cool

I'm a splash

in the world's biggest pool

This is more than my thoughts

ever thought it could be

For a moment

Just a moment

Lucky me

Ariel: If only for one moment

I had shared with you

all I know

The sea wouldn't be

a mystery Oh, why did you have to go

Melody: Everything's newer

and brighter and bluer

And truer to life than before

Watch me soar

For a moment

I can shine

Got a grin

and a fin that works fine

My fingers are wrinkly

and I really don't care

If all of my curls

have curled out of my hair

For a moment

I can feel

All the dreams

I've been dreaming are real

Wish my mother

could hear it

The sea is my song

For a moment

Just a moment

- I belong

Ariel: - I will find you, my darling

And the moment that I do

I'll hold you close

my Melody

And sing the song of the sea

With you

- Sing the song of the sea

Melody: - For a moment, just a moment

Ariel: - With you

Melody: - I belong

Oh, thank you!

Thank you so much!


What's the matter?

Oh, I knew this would happen.

One taste, and you're hooked.

Oh, Undertow, I'm such a failure, such a...

Oh, my precious...

there wasn't enough potion for this to be a forever spell.


L-I don't want to go back

to being an ordinary girl.

Isn't there some way

I can stay a mermaid?

Oh, I'm afraid there's

absolutely no possible way.

Well, there is one way.

No. What am I thinking?

It's far too dangerous.


Wh... What's too dangerous?

Well, I could make

the spell last longer...

if I had my magic trident.

Oh, but it was stolen years ago...

by a deranged kleptomaniac...

and there's no one

to get it back for me.

Maybe I could

get it back for you.

You would do that for me?

If I did, would you

make me a mermaid forever?

Even longer, if you like.

Now, here is where

the scoundrel lives.

Atlantica? You mean

it's not just an old fish tale?

- It really exists?

- Of course it exists, dear.

Whoever told you otherwise?

My mother.

Well, I'm sure she didn't mean

to be cruel and deceitful.

Okay, I'll bring back

your trident.

- You can count on me!

- Be careful, dear.

Enjoy those fins!

While you can.

Hmm, let's see.

South to Two Circles Pass...

then, uh, north to...

No, no, um, east...

to, uh, hmm...

My map. It's ruined.

Now how am I gonna

find my way to Atlantica?

Help! Someone, please!

Help! Oh! Oh, hold on, sweetie!

We'll save you!

Help! Mama!


I can't reach her!

Oh! Oh! Somebody help us!

Mightier than a hurricane!

Braver than a killer whale!

Faster than a moray eel!

- It's the fearless adventurers...

- Slash-explorers.

Titanic Tip and

his trusty sidekick Dash!

- Oh, no.

- Not them.

This is it, Dash.


- No, not the walrus.

- Sorry.

- Excuse me.

- Ow!

Oh, was that your face?

We're finally gonna be

heroes for real.

Yeah. They're not gonna

laugh at us any more.

This is too easy.

And a-one, and a-two...

and a shark...

- Shark?

- Shark!

- Goin' up! Goin' up! Goin' up! Goin' up!

- Goin' down.

Get off me!

Well, that wasn't so bad.


Another plan perfectly executed.

What did you think

you were doing?

We were just trying to be heroes.

You call abandoning my baby heroic?

You two boys

almost got us all killed.

Oh, yeah,

some fearless heroes.

More like zeroes!

- Hear that? Zeroes!

- That's a good one!

Go ahead.

Laugh your stinkin' tuxedos off.

We'll show you... someday.

Excuse me.

You don't have to be scared of me.

I won't hurt you.

Scared? Who said anything

about bein' scared?

Don't you know an evasive manoeuvre

when you see one?

Melody: Hi. I'm Melody.
Dash: This here's Tip, and I'm Dash.
Tip: Excuse me, Mr. I-Spill-My-Guts-To-Total-Strangers. You just blew our cover!
Dash: I was just tryin' to be friendly.
Melody: Guys, I really have to get going, so if you could...
Dash: Aww, see? Now she's gonna leave, and it's all your fault.
Tip: My fault?! She's... she's... she's probably allergic to blubber!
Dash: Oh yeah? Well... maybe she doesn't like BIRDS THAT CAN'T FLY!!!
[Tip gasps dramatically]
Melody: Guys...
Tip: Well, you can't fly, either!
Dash: And... you walk funny.
Melody: Guys!
Tip: Oh, YEAH?! Well... um... YOU CAN'T FLY EITHER!!!
Melody: GUYS!! [The bickering duo finally stop] Do either of you know how to get to Atlantica? I don't have much time.
Dash: Why do you want to go to Atlantica?
Melody: I have to get something that was stolen from a friend. [shows them her tail] If not... I'll turn back into a...
Dash: A what? Turn back into a what?
Melody: A human.
Tip: [startled gasp] I knew there was something UN-fishy about you! [turns to leave] Tough break, sister. Drop us a line. Let us know how it all turns out.
Dash: [Stops Tip with a fore-flipper and turns him around] We'll take you!
Melody: You will?
Tip: We WILL?!
Dash: She's a damsel in distress. It's our BIG chance.

Hoo-boy. I can't believe I'm doin' this.

Somebody stop me.

All right, then, we're in.

On to Atlantica!

Taming the tides

Swarming the seas

Beware, barracudas

Drop to your knees

Defending our friends

and anemones

- As big as a whale

- Hey!

With a much smaller tail

Facing the foe

with our fearless flukes

Daring the dastards

to put up their dukes

Great globs of gore

We'll storm the shore

And seek the unknown

Then can we go home?

Titanic Tip and Daring Dash


Titanic Tip and Daring Dash


Our gallant quest to do our best

and smile for our adorers

- We'll save the day

- And make a splash

Titanic Tip

and Daring Dash

We'll clobber those crabs

with their clammy claws

We'll shatter those sharks

with their savagejaws

- The battle is fierce

- And mercifully brief

The conquering heroes return

as kings of the reef

We'll dine with the best

Dressed with a flair

Climb every mountain

Because it's there

Come on, follow me

We'll make history

- To courage, to us

- The trident

Or bust

Titanic Tip and Daring Dash


Titanic Tip and Daring Dash


- We'll save the day

- And make a splash

- Melody

- Tip

- And Daring Dash

All for three

and three for one


Here we come

I knew it! It's real!


That's right, Princess.

Just a little further.

Cloak! Dagger!

Go make sure that no one interferes

with her return, hmm?

Have you heard anything, Daddy?

L-I've been searching everywhere,

but I'd... Flounder!


Now what?

- Sorry.

- Ariel?

- Flounder?

- Ariel!

Oh, I've missed you!

Boy, you're sure not

a guppy any more.

You can say that again.

- Over here!

- Throw it to me!

- Yeah!

- I want it!

Children, what did I say about playing

"kick the clam" on the reef?

- Sorry, Dad.

- Uh, kids.

I'm sorry about Melody.


I really need your help.

Wild sea horses

couldn't stop me.

- Oh, boy!

- Follow me!

- I'm the leader!

- Come on!

It's so beautiful.

- Whoa!

- Whoa!

- Sorry, my...

- Sorry, my fault.

- Fault.

- Hi.

I don't think I've seen you around here.

What's your name?

I'm Mel... Mel...

Hey, guys!

Meet Mel-Mel.

- Hi.

- Hey, you wanna hang out with us?

All right, all right.

Break it up. Break it up!

There's nothing to see here.

Move along.

Tip: C'mon, Miss Popularity. We have a previous engagement, remember? [drags Melody away]

Maybe I'll catch you later.

This is what happens when you bring

a country fish to the big city.

Merboy: Was that a... penguin?


Nice crib.

Come on. Follow me.

That must be him.

He looks sad.

- He doesn't look like a thief.

- They never do.

Look! There it is!

A fork? We're risking

our tails for a fork?

We haven't time for this!

I want every available

merman searching!

Find her!

Find her!

Dash, if-if this is the end...

I just want you to know, pal...

I'm sorry I said that thing

about the blubber.

Well, I'm sorry

about the fish breath.

Yeah. You didn't

say anything about that.

But I was thinkin' it.

King Triton,

your daughter has returned.

Ooh, that was close.

Oh, sure, that's it. Take your time.

Kick back. Relax.

Let's all just

linger here and die!

I'm sure she'll turn up soon.

He's coming back!

My necklace!

Ah, don't worry, Ariel.

We'll find her.

Daddy! The trident!

But that's not possible.

Nobody can remove the trident

from the stand except you, sire.

You or one of your descendants.

- Melody.

- Who I was supposed to be watching.

Go ahead, crack me open.

Make a crab cake out of me, sire.

But how could she

have gotten here?

Morgana. If she gets

her hands on my trident...

Double the search parties!

- I want every creature

in the ocean on patrol!

- Yes, sire!

Wait a minute.

I know those two.

It's all my fault.

If I had just paid

a little more attention...

instead of blabbering

on and on and on...

and on and on.

From now on, Your Majesty,

nothing gets past...


We did it!

All this time...

Atlantica was never

that far away from home.

This is your home?

- It used to be.

- Whoa! What a pad!

Talk about your kerb appeal.

But, uh, what's with the wall?

I know good fences make good

neighbours, but isn't that a bit much?

- Yeah. What you tryin' to keep out?

- It wasn't built to keep something out.

It was built to keep me in.

Come on. Let's go.

You know, kid, the three of us,

we make a pretty good team.

Once you're a permanent mermaid,

we'll be friends forever.

- We'll be inseparable!

- Nothing will ever come between us.


Run! Run!

No, wait! It's just...

Leavin' so soon, boys?

What can I say?

When you got it, you got it.

Hey! You got it!


you're my new hero.

Let's go.

It's time for some magic.

But... But my friends...

Ha! You mean you call those two

yellow-bellied sea slugs your friends?

Come on!

You wanna be a mermaid, or what?

We got the power.

We got the power.

We got the power!

So there it is.

Swim back as fast as you can and tell

my father. I'll try to find Melody.

Oh, but if that old sea witch

is in there, and then there's

that mean little shark...

and then those manta rays come,

a-and then she takes those-those

creepy tentacles...

so suction cups stick

to your face, and, and...

Uh. Uh-uh. No way you're

goin' in there alone.

But, Flounder,

if we both go...

who's going to tell Daddy

where Morgana's lair is?

Say, what's all the whisperin' about?

Is Melody around here?

- Did you find her yet? If she's...

- Scuttle!

Get down and be quiet.

Wait a minute.

Scuttle can get help.

Scuttle, I need you

to pay very close attention.

We're doomed.

Oh, there you are, darling!

Oh, I was so worried about you.

And look!

You've brought back my trident.

Clever girl.

Give it to her! Give it to her!

Give it to her!

- Hey!

- Forgive him, dear.

He's got a little size issue.

- Now, if you'll just hand over the...

- Melody, don't!

- Mom!

- Don't listen to her!

- You're a mermaid?

- You're a mermaid?

Ariel, how nice of you to come.

And you brought Flopper with you.

The name's Flounder.

Undertow: Grr.
Flounder: "Grr" yourself, pipsqueak.

Get that thing and hit me!

One bite,

and he's shrimp toast!


hand me my trident now.

All this time,

and you never told me?

Kept the most important secret

in her whole life from her own daughter.

Please, give it to me, Melody.

No. Hand it to me.

- It's for your own good.

- She's lying!

I've given you

what you've always wanted.

She's the one who lied to you

all these years.

- I was trying to protect you.

- By fencing me in?

You knew how much

I loved the sea.

Why did you

keep the truth from me?

Melody, listen to me.

If there was one thing in my life

that I could do over, l...

- Too late, Mom.

- Melody, no!

All the power of the seven seas

at my command!


Can we get with the programme?

It's still

a small world down here!


Your mommy was only trying

to protect you from moi!

What she did,

she did out of...


Little Melody's been

a very naughty girl...

stealing from

her own grandfather.

My... My grandfather?

King Triton,

ruler of Atlantica...

commander in chief

of all of the oceans!

Or at least he was, until

a certain little thief came along.

- You tricked me.

- You've got no one to blame

but yourself.

Tell me, Melody.

Is being a mermaid

everything you dreamed?

Was it worth it?


Oh, and by the way...

your time as a mermaid

has just about expired.

Catch you later.

I've got bigger fish to fry!

Bigger fish!

Now, there's an idea!

We gotta keep trying.

It's no use.

It's too thick.

Oh, Flounder.

I've ruined everything.

Tip: We're guppies, man. Jellyfish.
Dash: The great Tip and Dash: cowards-slash-losers.
Tip: [has an idea] Okay, on the one hand, we can live a long, healthy life; albeit as disgusting, pathetic, cowardly...uh...
Dash: Worms?
Tip: That's good! Good. Cowardly worms. On the other hand, we could gather our courage, if we had any, and storm the fortress and be heroes!
Dash: Yeah. Until they hack us up into fishbait!
Tip: You're right.
[Strange green lights begin to flash from Morgana's iceburg lair]
Dash: [gasps] Melody's in there. She might be in big trouble! She might really need our help!
Tip: So what's it gonna be? A lifetime as worms...or two minutes as heroes?

All hail Queen Morgana!

I'm hailin'!

I'm hailin'!

Hold on, sweetie!

The cavalry is comin'!

- Ariel!

- Ah!

Prince Eric.

Come to join the party?

We're having a blast!

Oh, how dear Ursula

would have adored this.


King Triton?

Oh, please!

Is that the best you can do?

Release my daughter,

surrender my granddaughter...

and I shall spare you.

Ooh! What you gonna do?

Throw the crab at me?

Face it, Triton.

You're all washed up!


I'm gonna be teachin' you

some manners!

Now look at me.

I'm bait!

Oh, yeah!

Look out!

Where's Melody?

What have you done with her?

Oh, you want to join

your daughter?

Well, I think

that can be arranged.


You are a very bad lady!

Very bad.

Goin' somewhere, boys?

Um, we're just lookin'

for the little penguin's room.

Well, it's been nice knowin' ya.

Now, that is one brave

hunk of blubber.

I'll hold him!

You go find Melody!


What's... What's happening?

Oh, no! Oh!

- I thought you were gonna hold him!

- I am holding him!

Nice fishy.

Ooh. Big fishy.

Hold on, Melody!

I'm gonna bust us outta here...

if it's the last thing I...


Tip! No! Help!

Another plan

perfectly executed.

- Melody!

- Uh-oh.


I have the trident now.

And all the creatures of the sea

are in my power!

I'm the queen of the sea...

and you will

bow down before me!

Oh, this can't be good

for the lower back!

Pathetic fools!

- Watch and see how

utterly powerful I can be!

- Mom!

The end begins

for all of you with fins!

That's it, Triton.

Bow down!

Bow down before me!

No, Your Majesty!

You mustn't!

I'm sorry, Sebastian.

I have no choice.

Oh! Wishes do come true.

See that, Ma?

Who's your favourite now?

It's over, Triton!

I sentence you to oblivion!

You! Just what do you think you're going to do... with that?

Stay back!

Wrong end, sweetheart.

(Melody punctures one of Morgana's tentacles with the trident and Melody saw her chance.)

Melody: Grandfather, I think this belongs to you. [tosses the trident to King Triton, who catches it]


(Morgana pushes Melody off and she falls. But, Dash was able to catch her.)

King Triton: Never again will you or yours threaten my family! There will be no escape for you... ever!

(King Triton uses his trident and Morgana got trapped in ice. And then, the ice begins to bring and Tip pushes Dash along with Melody as the ice breaks. Morgana falls and sinks in the water.)



Oh, Melody,

I was so afraid we'd lost you.

- I'm sorry, Mother.

- Oh, no, sweetie.

We're sorry.

We should have told you the truth.

I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

I just hoped I'd be

a better mermaid than a girl.

Oh, Melody, sweetie, it doesn't matter

if you have fins or feet.

We love you for

who you are on the inside:

Our very brave little girl.

Just like your mother.

Oh, Grandfather!

Melody, I don't blame you

for wanting to join us merfolk.

And because you're

my granddaughter...

I'm giving you

a most precious gift:

A choice.

You can come to

Atlantica with me...

or you can return

to your home on land.

It's up to you.

I have a better idea.

Now we can all be together!

I feel the music playin'

It's swingin'and it's swayin'

Life is a rhapsody, whoo

Today we're so delighted

Today we're all united

Here on the land and sea

I see the sails are sailing

Even the whales are whaling

We're swimmin'fancy free

We're feeling better now

We sing together now

Here on the land and sea


Pick up the beat

Move your fins

and move your feet

Life is sweet

Life is grand

Blowing bubbles

with the brass bass band

Everybody now!

Come on in!

There's plenty of water

for everyone!

- There's no more stormy weather

- Now we can sing together

In perfect harmony

We're feeling better now

We sing together now

here on the land and sea

- Those on land sing

- La-dee-dah-doh

- Those below sing

- Lo-dee-doh-doh

Life is sweet

As sweet can be

On the land and on the sea

Everybody sing

Come on, Grimsby, join us.

The water's great!

I think not, sir.

The very idea seems rather absur...

We're feeling better now

We sing together now

Here on the land and sea

- Whoa!

- Sorry.

- Oh, hi.

- Hi.

We're feeling better now

We sing together now Here on the land and sea