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The Scepter of Light is a magical scepter that appears in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. Wielded by Princess Elena, the scepter possesses very powerful magic. Like the Amulet of Avalor, the Scepter of Light is an ancient Maruvian treasure that was created eons ago by Amaláy, the last Royal Wizard of Maru. It is the light counterpart to the Scepter of Night.


Physical description[]

The scepter is comprised of a golden rod with blue gems on each side of the base and end of the rod. Near the head of the rod is an engraved bracing with two wing-like panels pointed outward. A cyan diamond is held at its base by ornate, curved brackets.


The Scepter is so named because it grants its bearer the ability to harness the Powers of Light. The Light Powers the Scepter unleashes are strong enough to send those who embrace the Powers of Darkness (such as Orizaba) to the Spirit World. These powers can be unleashed by a single thought put into a single word. The drawback is that the more the bearer uses its powers, the more drained the bearer will become. Some words include Glow, which makes the Scepter shine brighter and Blaze, which shoots a hard blast of light that’s perfect to use as a weapon.

Some more of the scepter's abilities are revealed in "Spirit Monkey Business" and when the user says Reveal, it can reveal things behind walls or doors. In the special "Realm of the Jaquins", Quita Moz reveals to Elena that the scepter can make illusions when one says Envision and what they want to see. In "The Jewel of Maru", Amaláy, the creator of the Scepter, teaches Elena to reveal hidden writings when one says Illuminate. In the "Scepter Training with Zuzo" short "Stowaway" Zuzo teaches Elena to make things invisible by pointing the Scepter at it and saying Vanish.

In "A Tale of Two Scepters", Elena goes to Vallestrella to gets lessons from Quita Moz and three other sunbirds; Lama, Hool, and Qapa. A new spell was 'Farsight'. Elena says the word and thinks of someone to view no matter how far away they are. Elena already knew Blaze, but they teach her how to sustain it and hold the blaster longer by keep the word in her head. They also tell her the Scepters of Light and Night have spells that affect as opposites. Whichever Scepter casted a spell, the other can reverse it.