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Tiana's Royal Wedding (also known titled Something Old, Something New) is the second Royal Wedding story of the Royal Weddings book series, based on The Princess and the Frog.



Throughout New Orleans, the news of Prince Naveen and Tiana's marriage was buzzing. Everyone proceeded to gather to welcome his parents. Although Tiana was nervous about meeting them, the King and Queen of Maldonia were very kind to her, with the queen even giving Tiana royal helpers to plan the wedding. The royal helpers visited, and explained to Tiana what her wedding should be like, but failed to ask Tiana what she wanted. Later, Tiana requested advice from her friend, Charlotte La Bouff. Specifically, while she doesn't want to upset the King and Queen, she isn't sure she liked what the royal helpers have planned. Charlotte then told her she should do what she wants as its her wedding day. Tiana then proceeded to make Charlotte her maid of honor, her first wedding decision. Later that day, her mother proceeded to show her a sketch of the wedding dress she planned to make: specifically, her dream wedding dress. She then told Tina that it was perfect. Meanwhile, Naveen and Louis secretly planned the music for the wedding reception, as Naveen felt the royal helpers' choice of music was too boring, especially for someone like Tiana, deciding instead to have something jazzy and fun. After everyone went to bed, Tiana sneaked into the La Bouff's kitchen to work with Charlotte on the reception menu. Tiana planned on making their favorite foods to be served, starting with gumbo. Upon finishing, Charlotte then gave Tiana a beautiful blue necklace, explaining that every bride needs "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." The next day, she faced the royal helpers and, while thanking them for sharing their ideas, she managed to get everything she needed. This left the helpers surprised, as they had assumed the princess would want the wedding day planned for her. The Queen of Maldonia then walked in and wondered why the royal helpers were confused. Tiana then nervously explained what had happened, fearing the Queen might get angry. However, the Queen wasn't upset, and acknowledged she should have remembered that Tiana preferred planning her events personally. She then takes out the tiara and requested that she wear it for the wedding, as it was the one the queen herself wore for her own wedding to the king. Tiana was honored to wear it. It was then the final fitting of the Tiana's gown, and it managed to be stunning and have Eudora's love in every stitch. Although overall happy that it was perfect, she nonetheless missed her father. The night before the wedding, she stood on her balcony and gazed at the evening star, and while saddened that her father could not make it to the wedding due to his having died during World War I, she nonetheless knew her father's love would always be with her. On the day of the wedding, Charlotte's father, Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff, walked Tiana down the aisle, with her bouquet containing her father's old spoon, her wearing the dress Eudora made, the Queen's tiara, and the necklace from Lottie underneath the veil. As the ceremony ended, Tiana knew that no matter how wonderful her wedding plans were, it was ultimately love that made the wedding perfect. Tiana and Naveen left the church together, with all of New Orleans turning out for their first appearance and first dance. The guests enjoyed Princess Tiana's cooking, from gumbo to beignets. Tiana and Naveen then shared the sweetness of their new life together as they took the first bite of their delicious cake.