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Virana is the overarching antagonist of Disney's 2021 animated feature film Raya and the Last Dragon. She is Namaari's mother and the chief of the Fang Land who cares for her people above all others. Virana's sole mission was to ensure her homeland's survival, even at the expense of the other lands of Kumandra.  


Virana is a resourceful leader. She and her home were accused of being the reason people turned to stone because her daughter, Namaari, betrayed Raya and tried to steal the gem, leading to the Druuns escaping. She truly loves her daughter and would do anything to keep her town safe.

Role In The Film[]

Virana is first seen attending a feast of reuniting all the tribes of Tail, Talon, Spine, and Fang at the Land of Heart. During the feast, Virana introduces Namaari to Raya, who also introduces herself to the Princess of Fang. During a conversation with Chief Benja, he explains to Virana that Fang would be happy to accept the invitation to which the conversation is disrupted upon seeing a flare caused by Namaari and a group of Fang soldiers in possession of the Dragon Gem due to Namaari's betrayal to Raya. As the Druun arrive at Heart, Virana retreats with a group of survivors as she returns to Fang.

Arriving at the Land of Fang, General Atitãya explains to Virana that she is running out of room in a plan to expand the mainland, much to the Druun roaming around the kingdom just as she notices Namaari who approaches her just as she plans to summon in a group of Fang soldiers to go after Raya to which Virana tells Namaari to take a look around Fanf instead. Virana explains to her daughter that all the palace was made with smart decisions, not emotional ones, explaining that Fang is safe with the canals protecting them from the Druun just as she explains to Namaari that General Atitãya's decision to expand the kingdom to secure Fang's future as the only decision she thought of just as Virana tells Atitãya to ready her royal army thanks to Namaari's plan.

Virana then tells the children about the history of the kingdom which rose to protect the kingdom from monsters despite the kingdom's size just as Namaari explains to her mother that she saw Sisu in the kingdom just as she explains to her daughter that if she had the dragon and then had all the gem pieces together, everything would be forgiven and Kumandra would be saved and the most importantly is to keep the people of Fang safe. The next day, Virana notices the Druun arriving back at Fang which is caused when Sisu died at the hands of Namaari. As the Druun continue plaguing Kumandra, Virana is petrified along with everyone at Kumandra, as the gem's magic fades away.

With all the pieces of the Dragon Gem reunited, the Druun is wiped away, just as Virana is revived alongside everyone at Kumandra, followed by Sisu, who is revived. She later visits Heart with the rest of Raya's friends in rejoice. Later, Virana then visits the kingdom of Heart with everyone else in rejoice.