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When We're Human is a song sung by Frog Tiana, Frog Naveen and Louis.


Louis: If I were a human being

I'd head straght for New Orleans

And I'd blow this horn so hot and strong

Like no one they've ever seen

You've heard of Louis Armstrong,

Mr. Sidney Bechet

All those boys gonna step aside

When they hear this old ex-gator play,

Listen! (plays trumpet)

When I'm human

As I hope to be

I'm gonna blow this horn

'Til the cows come home

And everyone's gonna bow down to me

Naveen: When I'm myself again

I want just the life I had

A great big party ev'ry night

That doesn't sound too bad

A redhead on my left arm

A brunette on my right

A blonde or two to hold the candles

Now that seems just about right

Eh, Louis?

Life is short

When you're done,

You're done

We're on this earth

To have some fun

And that's the way things are

When I'm human

And I'm gonna be

I'm gonna tear it up like I did before

And that's the royal guarantee

Tiana: Your modesty becomes you

And your sense of responsibility

I've worked hard for everything I've got

And that's the way it's supposed to be

When I'm a human being

At least I'll act like one

If you do your best each and every day

Good things are sure to come your way

What you give is what you get

My daddy said that

And I'll never forget

And I commend it to you

All: When we're human

And we're gonna be

Louis: I'm gonna blow my horn

Naveen: I'm gonna live the high life

Tiana: I'm gonna do my best

To take my place in the sun

All: When we're human


When We're Human

When We're Human