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When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise) a actually has two reprises, both sung by Rapunzel. However, only one was in the movie and the other one was only in the soundtrack.

Lyrics (Reprise One)

I've got my mother's love

I shouldn't ask for more

I've got so many things

I should be thankful for

Yes I have everything

Except, I guess, a door

Perhaps it's better that I stay in

But tell me When will my life begin?

Lyrics (Reprise Two)

Look at the world so Close

And I'm halfway to it!

Look at it all so big

Do I even dare?

Look at me, there at last!

I just have to do it

Should I?

(Speaking) No!

Here I go

Just smell the grass! The dirt!

Just like I dreamed they'd be!

Just feel that summer breeze

The way it's calling me

For like the first time ever,

I'm completely free!

I could go running

And racing

And dancing

And chasing

And leaping

And bounding

Hair flying

Heart pounding

And splashing

And reeling

And finally feeling

That's when my life begins!